TELEVISION: Reviewing Hollywood Scandals- “John Lennon”

Originally premiering on Thursday, August 21st on the REELZ cable television network, Hollywood Scandals is an “hour-long documentary series taking viewers behind the scenes of some of the most explosive celebrity headlines that have captivated the world.” By the show’s title, all the scandals revolve around Read the rest of this page »


Movies that revolve around criminal organizations, such as the Italian Mafia, the Mexican Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, and the Chinese Triads–have always intrigued me. I feel that they make for great films, if done right, and if one fills them full of violence, treachery, and bloodshed, they can be a decent viewing even if the writing is not superb and the dialogue is lacking in emotion, as some of these movies tend to do. Director Daniel Yee Heng Chan Read the rest of this page »

BOOKS: What darkness enshrouds author Briar Lee Mitchell’s DARK LIGHTS?

For 60 years, nothing has survived at the Point du Lac logging camp on Andros Island.

Author Briar Lee Mitchell (BIG ASS SHARK) has two books coming out sometime in January, one of which entitled DARK LIGHTS, sounds like a dark Read the rest of this page »

BRUTAL DEATH METAL: ASPHYXIATOR “Stench of Rotting Flesh” Promo (2014)

Been playing quite a bit of the brutal death metal band ASPHYXIATOR on SHU-IZMZ RADIO in case ya haven’t heard! Hailing from Chicago, these guys wail! Check out their new Read the rest of this page »


Who is Judy Tenuta? Honestly, when I requested this book from Bear Manor Media to read and review, I do not know whom I was thinking this woman was or what the content of her book would be about. Actually, I read that she was a Read the rest of this page »

NEWS: Permuted Press has started MOVIE NIGHTS!

In this hyper-speed day and age, it seems more and more people that hang out online are more focused on the latest gossip, sensational news stories, and whatever the Read the rest of this page »


The comedy duo of Martin & Lewis, comprising of actor/singer Dean Martin and comedic slapstick artist Jerry Lewis, team up for a comedic romp that takes place in the army entitled Read the rest of this page »