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I am just a film geek that loves the gory, bloody, sexy, perverted, fantastic, and cult-like movies that most others don’t even bother to waste their time on. My love for film and genres of all sorts began with me at an early age: as soon as I saw my first tidbits of Friday the 13th Parts 1, 2 and Jaws when I was in the 3rd grade,  I knew I was hooked on films, and more specifically, the genre of horror films. Interestingly enough, horror films had always scared the hell out of me when I was younger but I guess after having tried to watch every single scary, sick, and twisted type of horror film—there was nothing left to scare me. Now if I get a jerk reaction in my body from a scare or wince at a scene of extreme nastiness of realistic gore, I am very surprised but happy.

I have a new horror/cult/exploitation film group, as well as the SHU-IZMZ Facebook group, so please check them out. It is just a bunch of horror and film fans talking about and sharing with others what we love about these movies. It is socializing with some cool folks about topics and things we, well, think are so cool! Here are the following groups and pages for news and updates on things I think are cool and the website:


I knew horror was my true love in the cinematic world when I saw Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA for the first time. His style and atmosphere had me hooked. I had never before seen a film so interesting, beautiful, frightening, and bloody all at the same time. But on the same token, I was also blown away by the gore-filled masterpieces of the late Lucio Fulci with The Beyond and Zombie. I thought why can’t American directors make such gore-filled masterpieces? I soon saw my first two Romero films to answer that question: Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. Tom Savini’s mind-blowing organic blood and guts approach to gore was at its peak within those two films. It was a good many years before CGI and digital effects were to take over the special effects world and to this day I still think most latex and prosthetic effects look more realistic than a great deal of the more modern techniques that computers have lent to the horror filmmaking business.

Once I came to the conclusion that I was hooked on horror, cult, exploitation, sexploitation, sci-fi, and what I deemed to be some of the coolest films on the planet, I thought that I would infect the world with my somewhat effectual skills at writing about one of my greatest loves in the world: Horror movies. So, for the past three years or more, I have been writing about films, but specifically, horror and cult films. I started SHU-IZMZ as a blog to pass the time in a creative manner and just write reviews and opinions on my favorite and not-so-favorite movies in the horror genre. After awhile I decided to get into the podcast business and started SHU-IZMZ RADIO on Blogtalkradio (www.blogtalkradio.com/shuizmz). I started doing the radio show after I got offered a chance to review horror films on another friend’s radio show. Hell, I decided the fifteen minutes was just not enough so I decided to start my own show in a two-hour format. I had no idea I could ramble on for that long of a time period talking about horror films. I was quite the yapper.

I found the radio show could be a means to having  guests on live and talk about their films and projects and get their opinions on the film industry and the genre of horror, as well as other film genres. I got to interview Brad Douriff (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Exorcist III). I had a chance to pick Dan Ellis’ brain over his performance in Gutterballs and Hanger. I talked with independent directors Cory Udler (Incest Death Squad), James Hawley (Sewer Chewer) , and Terrence Williams (Horno) about making films their own way and on their own terms. I even had a chance to talk with actress Tangi Miller, an actress who has worked with Tyler Perry and his direction, about making films using Hollywood’s studio system and have chatted with horror vixen Kitsie Duncan about her latest film, Lethal Obsession, that as of this writing is making its way through the indie circuit.

Some other websites that I have written articles and reviews for were/are the Aussie website Dvd Resurrections, Killer Film, the Belgian cult film site Cult Reviews, and Chicago’s very own Horror Society as well as the East coasts’ Horror-101. I even have been dabbling in the adult film market by reviewing skin flicks for Lukeisback.com. As I said before, I love watching films of ALL genres.

After having done the radio show for a bit, I then hooked up with some southern metal heads at the internet radio station at Core of Destruction Radio. I do shows for them when I can, usually in a one-hour format and throw some of my favorite metal and thrash songs in the mix to keep things spicy!

As for published reviews, just check out Chicago’s very own Goth Zine KILTER, where I review horror films for the small self-published zine. Having grew up in Chicago and the Northwest ‘burbs, I really found out just how big the horror community really is and how friendly people in it can be.

When I am not watching films, I am generally working out or reading about movies. I am an avid reader and really believe that to try to become an authority on any subject matter, one must really hit the books and read up on their love. I enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy writing so I find that reading about movies and catching up on horror fiction helps to broaden my horizons as a writer and a fan of the genre. Some of my favorite writers, fiction and otherwise, are Stephen King, Clive Barker, Chuck Palahniuk, David J. Skal, Mike White, Bret Easton Ellis, and Rex Miller. I try to read all the horror mags I come across like Fangoria, Rue Morgue, HorrorHound, and grew up reading Fangoria, Gore Zone (Starlog Publication, not the U.K. one), and Toxic Horror (in its short run).

I still collect VHS tapes and love the oversized clamshell cases. If I were to become rich I would buy my own movie theater and show nothing but my favorite horror and cult films all day long. I am always looking to spread my love of horror and films to everyone and it brings me great joy and no greater satisfaction to introduce one of my favorite films to virgin eyes.

SHU-IZMZ represents everything I love about horror and films, from the books, mags and music that may have been influenced by them down to the comic books and t-shirts. I find that there is a little bit of movies and horror in everything around the world. One just has to search for it.

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