Black Metal documentary Until The Light Takes Us arrives to cable/VOD

Until The Light Takes Us

The Black Metal documentary exploring several key players from the dark musical genre, as well as the ideology, some of the history, and more importantly-the visual aesthetics that are generally associated with the often misunderstood genre of metal, is finally available on cable and video-on-demand through certain networks and cable providers. Until The Light Takes Us has been out on dvd and blu-ray disc for some time now, but up until this point, has not been accessible via any cable stations, in North America or anywhere else.

We first covered the Chicago Premiere of the indie documentary exploring the infamous series of arson, church burnings, and murders associated with the originators of the musical subgenre (in some instances referring to Black Metal as “music” may be stretching the term a wee bit and almost insulting to the genre itself) when it was screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center in downtown Chicago. After talking to the directors, Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell, I felt this was a film that needed to be seen by all those who loved metal and knew little about the history of Black Metal. The feelings for this documentary were ones that if the uninformed on Black Metal were to watch this film, they would come out from the theater having a bit more of an understanding on what effect society and foreign cultures can have on the youth in an ever-changing world that is harsh, cruel, and very unforgiving at times. Black Metal was, and is, more than just a style or “brand” of music. Black Metal, for the individuals explored within this documentary, was a way of life that was more than just style, dress, ideology, anti-religion, or anti-consumerism/anti-commericalism and anti-establishment. Black Metal was as much a harsh natural habitat to harbor and harness a serenity within  as it was a furious and burning distinct style and sound to release aggression, pain, hatred, and sorrow. Black Metal meant so many different things to so many individuals. To this day, this writer still believes Black Metal to be one of the most powerful and reckoning forces to have been metamorphosized amongst the many different genres of metal. Check your cable Movies on Demand listings in America and Canada. Verizon FiOS will start Feb 11th and the rest of the carriers already are up.

For those of you yet to pick up the DVD/Blu-Ray disc, here are the following cable companies/VOD networks the documentary will be available on:

1. Charter

2. Verizon FiOS

3. AT&T U-Verse

4. Rogers (Canada)

5. Mediacom

6. Eastlink Communications

7. Wave

8. Blue Ridge

9. Access Communication (CCSA)

10. Source Cable (CCSA)

11. NorthwsTel Cable (CCSA)

12. Bluewater (CCSA)

13. Seaside (CCSA)

14. KPU

15. Cable Cable (CCSA)

The film is available via Netflix as well. If one does not like how some Black Metal bands sound, worry not for the soundtrack to UTLTU is mostly ambient and electronic music, one very unique aspect to this very unique and ground-breaking film on the musical subgenre. Here is the link on SHU-IZMZ to my review when the movie first came out three years ago. A trailer link to the film has been posted below as well as the movie’s official website.

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