Director Terrence Williams interview on Metal Mondays with Annie Christ

I had a chance to interview director Terrence Williams on METAL MONDAYS with ANNIE CHRIST. Terrence Williams is the director of Transit (2005), The River: Legend of La Llorona (2005), Revenge of La Llorona (2006), Curse of La Llorona (2006), The Hood Has Eyez (2007) and his latest, Horno (2009), which coincidentally goes on sale tomorrow July 28th! (Ed. Note: Until recently, the Revenge of La Llorona was only available as part of the trilogy, but can now be purchased separately HERE!)

Click here to listen to the interview. You will have to listen to one other guest for a little bit before Terrence comes on, but the wait is well-worth it! He will be talking about some of his past films, The Hood Has Eyez, and his latest, Horno. Also, he lets us know what his next project will be and its one that I am quite interested in!


HORNO trailer

Cinema Threat Productions TRAILERS!!!

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