Horno (2009)

Director Terrence Williams comes at the world of film-making with another raunchy, vulgar piece of cinema, this time focusing on the world of porn and horror. Williams shocked some of us with his prior film, The Hood Has Eyez (2007), a direct to video indie gem that had no boundaries for decency and no subject was taboo. With Horno, Williams picks up where he left off and makes a film that pokes fun at both the porno industry and the horror industry. Therefore, Horno, becomes the title of this film and the genre that the fictional director of the film, Ron (Carlos Javier Castillo), has to decided to make his film about. The film that Ron (Castillo) will be making is entitled “Children of the Cornhole” and Horno goes the life imitating art route when the premise of the film turns into the reality of the movie. Dick Nasty, played by director Terrence Williams, is screwing a girl that seems to be doing it only for some drugs and after taking the pill she overdoses and turns into a zombie, biting his penis off. From this point on, the cast is doomed by the zombie, pill-popping whore.

The acting in the film is less than desirable at times, but the amount of nudity and gore keeps things somewhat interesting. Carl Strong (Mitch Ryan) plays the lead in the porno/horror movie and walks around with a huge fake penis flopping around. One more thing, Carl Strong is a gay porn star that is posing as a straight porn star now. With his British accent, he still sounds pretty gay to me, whether he wants to sound gay or not. The fake penis really looks kind of ridiculous at times and like one you could buy at a sex shop for a Halloween gag. Apparently, we are led to believe porn actors can have erections indefinitely, as it is standing up vertically in most of the scenes. I really was a little bit disappointed in this film. I was expecting more nudity, more gore, and better acting. The film was shot on a very small budget, but I felt that really had no effect on my review of the film. Categorized as a horror comedy, I really did not find that many scenes in the film that humorous. I am not a huge fan of comedy, especially films that are intending to be funny, but many of the scenes were just too cheesy for me to find funny at all. I really am very particular in the comedy films that I enjoy.

There were some pairs of tits in the film presented by Caroline Bottoms (Oceana Christopher), Jenna (Ingrid Nicole Kennedy), and Laura Love (Audrey Orozco), but most of the film did not just cut it for me. Horno is part comedy and part zombie-horror, but it just seemed on par with an average indie film. Samantha Good Head (Jesselyn Desmond) was the most believable actress in the whole film and was also in The Hood Has Eyez and stood out in that film as well.

So, once the zombie bits one of the porn stars, turning the cast into a zombie buffet, the film picks up a little bit, but just a little. There is some gore and passable organs and guts strewn about, but the acting paired with the most annoying soundtrack to a film that I have ever heard (Casio keyboard pre-programmed beats), I was very disappointed in this film after having enjoyed Williams’ The Hood Has Eyez so much. I think it comes down to the lack of character development in Horno. I really did not give a shit about any of the characters. If anything, they annoyed the hell out of me. I was hoping they would all die grisly and horrible deaths, which some of them did.

The concept of the film, blending horror and porno is a creative one that could have worked out well, but since the film had many scenes of dialogue with actors and actresses that just didn’t cut it for me, it made for a very tedious viewing. But, luckily for me, it was only about 45 minutes in duration. This was the 2nd time I had seen this film and as I said before, the concept of the film was the most interesting part of it, for the film itself I did not enjoy that much. I always feel bad when I like a director but don’t like one of his films. I have to give Williams credit for making a film on his own terms. Not many directors would even fathom tackling the subject matter of porn and horror. I actually would love to see Terrence Williams direct a bonafide porno. I think he would be able to take a decent stab at it and put a fresh spin on modern porn.

Horno is the 3rd and final film in the Triple Penetration TrilogyRevenge of La Llorona being the 1st film and The Hood Has Eyez the 2nd film. I have not seen Revenge of La Llorona, but received a screener of it and plan on watching it. I think that Williams has promise as a director and am looking forward to seeing future projects that had the intensity, violence, and raw energy that The Hood Has Eyez had.

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