Link: Hunger Games VS. Battle Royale

Battle Royale Hunger GamesWell, I just read an article over at about similarities between BATTLE ROYALE and THE HUNGER GAMES. Everyone that has any clue about Japanese films, cult and horror films in particular, has heard of or seen BATTLE ROYALE. Sadly, I forgot that BATTLE ROYALE was adapted from a book (Battle Royale by Koushun Takami) and I have heard a ton of buzz about The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (a book that I have added to my “MUST READ” List, along with a boatload of others!). I am only posting this link because I think BATTLE ROYALE is a phenomenal film that everyone should view, especially since it is coming out on Blu-ray in a box set with its semi-crappy sequel but full of extras, and because THE HUNGER GAMES is coming out on the big screen and I saw that trailer—the film looks pretty cool. Head over to the link I posted. I think it shed some light on some interesting viewpoints. Not a huge fan of remakes, some might argue certain films are simply stealing or ripping-off ideas from other films. Call it liberal borrowing or whatever, but it happens. Sometimes it is for better and sometimes for worse. At any rate, it always makes for a heated discussion. For the record, I kind of feel that Quentin Tarantino “borrows” way too much from other films, genres, and directors to whip his films into a pop culture blender, the end product being a cult cinema milkshake. How can one not enjoy one of Tarantino’s films when he borrows so much from so many other awesome films (like he did in KILL BILL Vol.1 which was fun to watch if not for the only reason other than picking out all the films he stole scenes or ideas from and calling them his own). Sorry Quentin, you’re the ultimate film fanboy-turned-director that happened to come up with a brilliant formula of throwing the coolest shit from the coolest films in a mainstream feature with loads of money. I still think your talented, Q, but I sometimes wonder how you continue to make films that lack original ideas throughout.

The only reason I went on a Tarantino rant is because the aforementioned link mentions Kill Bill Vol. 1 because Q used Chiaki Kuriyama in one scene as Gogo Yubari, wielding a mace and sporting that ever-so-sexy schoolgirl dress and uniform. Plus, I love ranting! Hope ya enjoy reading the link as much as I did!

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