cannibal+holocaustI have always been fascinated with the myth that is the “snuff film”. Frankly, with all the messed up murders and deaths that have been captured on films for various reasons, I can’t believe that no one has created a film that comprises of a victim being murdered and recorded for profit or one’s enjoyment. After all, just this week a man was caught eaten off the face of another man while high on bath salts or some other intensely dangerous drug. Cannibalism being covered in the news more than once this week seems pretty bizarre but not all too shocking so why should the mythology of the snuff film be nothing more than that: mythology.

After watching the fairly entertaining thriller 8MM starring Nick Cage and Joaquin Phoenis, I think there has to exist some sort of bonafide snuff film out there somewhere. The film (definitely not an incredibly good film but nonetheless a film whose focus is snuff films) follows a man trying to solve a murder case involving a missing girl who Nick Cage’s character believes was killed in a snuff film. After watching the film, it gets one thinking.  I guess there must be others out there who share this theory and the professionals have gathered together in the U.K. to discuss this at an academic conference and film event entitled THE CULTURAL MYTHOLOGY OF THE SNUFF MOVIE in Bournemouth University, UK in November 23-24.

Guests included at this conference include Professor Julian Petley (Brunel University), Dr. Tina Kendall (Anglia Ruskin University), David Kerekes (author of Killing For Culture (Headpress, co-authored with David Slater)., and Dr. Xavier Mendik (The Last Road Back From Hell: Reclaiming Cannibal Holocaust). I found this conference to be of key interest to readers because I personally own the earlier printing of Killing For Culture (which I have started to read awhile ago but just never got back to finishing) and found it thoroughly entertaining and fascinating. In fact, a field trip to my storage locker is in order because I have been meaning to unearth the book out of one of the many boxes I have it stowed away in.

As of right now, much of the information on the website has not been posted yet, but as the event draws nearer, updates and specific details will start to surface. There is a registration form on the website if one wants to be a part of the conference, as well as a call for papers and abstracts, and an email address as to where they can be sent to. An eventual publication of the collected essays and work in an eventual published collection are the long-term end goals to the conference. Sadly, I am stuck in the United States and can’t travel to the conference. I think it would be wildly fascinating but all my British readers out there should jump on the chance to make it to this event.

All details are available on their website:



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