warriors of the rainbowI just watched the trailer for WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW: SEEDIQ BALE and I have to say that it looked to be pretty damn cool. It sort of reminded me of THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, just in that it has a native tribe fighting against the military and I don’t think there really are going to be any other similarities except that the film is based on history and it looks to be pretty violent and have some wonderful cinematography! Check out the trailer here, as well as some of the screen shots from the movie. Here is the synopsis:

Wei Te-sheng’s epic film Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale reclaims an extraordinary episode from 20th-century history, which is little known, even in Taiwan. Between 1895 and 1945, the island was a Japanese colony inhabited not only by the majority (Han Chinese Immigrants) but also by the remnants of the aboriginal tribes who first settled the mountainous land. In 1930 Mouna Rudo, the leader of the Seediq tribe settled on and around Mount Chilai, forged a coalition with other Seediq tribal leaders and plotted a rebellion against their Japanese colonial masters. It was to begin at a sports day meeting where the assembled tribesmen were to attach and kill the Japanese officials and would then broaden to sieges on police stations and local government offices in the region. The initial uprising took the Japanese by surprise and was almost entirely successful. But the Japanese soon sent in their army to crush the rebellion, using aircraft and poison gas.
warriors of the rainbow 2WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW: SEEDIQ BALE is presented in its International version, with English subtitles, has a run time of 150 minutes, and is not rated. It does contain frequent strong, graphic violence (YEAH!) and is recommended for ages 15 and up.

The film is directed by Wei Te-Sheng and stars Lin Ching-Tai, Umin Boya, Ando Masanobu, Kawahara Sabu, Vivian Su, and Da Ching. The film opens in theaters APRIL 27th!




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