HikeI recently had a director by the name of Jennifer Campbell reach out to SHU-IZMZ and ask if I would be interested in reviewing her short horror film, HIKE, which she also produced and wrote. Campbell is from Canada, Vancouver B.C. to be exact, and their production company is called Whitebowl Productions. HIKE is only their first completed project, already making the runs at various film festivals throughout the United States, including Killuride Film Festival (May 18th-20th in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina),  Crypticon Seattle (Saturday May 26th/2012 in the TCIF3 block –  9-11 pm), and finally at the Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, KY at the end of June. I picked up all this info on the festivals and dates from their production website (listed earlier in post) from the blog link. If one wants to keep up-to-date with the film and where else it may be screening, that website is the place to go.

HIKE is a very short film with a running time of only 7:23, but the film was pretty well shot, had decent production values (the sound mix was in Dolby Digital and the original film’s format was shot in 1080p with an aspect ratio letterboxed 1:2:35), and was shot in color. The short film stars Tony Butler as the man in the film and Stefany Mathias (PATHFINDER, THE SEA) as the woman. The two both head into the woods on a hike together. Then something happens. That really is all I can safely say without spoiling the end of the film. After all, with a very brief run time of under 7 minutes, what the hell are you expecting?!

Here is the official film synopsis:
Hike is a horror short about what can happen when you go into the woods.  A man and woman embark on a day trip, hiking to a remote area in the woods. No one is around and they are alone. After awhile they stop to rest and relax. Things seem okay but something is not quite right. A gruesome discovery is made and grisly circumstances unfold as a result.

Tony Stef
Leads Tony Butler and Stefany Mathias

Anyhow, the film does have some good suspense, a bit of gore and blood and was a fun short film that I can safely recommend to all my readers. It also shows that the production company has some real promise in showing what they can do when they make a full-length feature film (FINAL WEEKEND is currently in pre-production and has a trailer posted up on the production company’s website).

<<<<<As one can see from the photo to the left, the film primarily takes place in the woods where are two lead characters decide to go on a hike. I highly recommend watching this short film right before one goes on a camping trip or decides to go on a blind-date and the location happens to be a Forest Preserve or a National State Park.



The director, Jennifer Campbell, is a writer/director based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  She’s completed her first short horror film, Hike, which is currently making the festival rounds (as I mentioned earlier in the post). Jennifer’s love of horror started early thanks to her mum and dad letting her watch anything she wanted. She was hooked on the genre once she saw THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE at age 7 and then THE SHINING at age 9. A love of nature and natural elements plays a large part in her directing style. She loves being outside, film, reading and photography. She’s also a songwriter and classically trained pianist.

The rest of the crew who worked on the film are Thomas Billingsley – Director of Photography, Edmond Burnett – Production Sound Mixer, Brian Minato – Original Music and Sound Mixer, and Patricia Laroque – Production Assistant.

HIKE’s tagline, “If You Fall In The Forest No One Will Hear You Die“, really sums up things well. I strongly recommend checking out this short film and give it the SHU-IZMZ seal of approval. Enjoy the short film’s trailer below and a couple of pics.

Tony Stef Thomas Jen

Tony, Stef, Thomas, and Jen at work

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