SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interview with Actor G. Larry Butler

A very entertaining interview with actor, writer, producer, and director G. Larry Butler, a man whose been in over 100 films and t.v. shows, as well as having written a book (Here Lies Madness) and being a very entertaining interview. I had a chance to watch Butler in the film PANMAN (2011) as he played the character Professor Hunter in a horror-comedy about a murderer going around killing culinary students armed with a pan and wearing a big, metal pot on his head. Butler also talks about a few of his upcoming projects not yet out on dvd/blu-ray or in theaters such as P.T.S.D. (2012), THE LAST WAR CRIME (2012), and THE HOSPITAL (2012).

Enjoy the 2 hours+ long interview and learn about G. Larry Butler’s extensive career in Hollywood, one that started as an extra in John Badham’s AMERICAN FLYERS (1985) when he decided to start acting in films.

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