SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interviewing Author Bowie V. Ibarra

SHU-IZMZ RADIO had a chance to chat with San Antonio, Texas-based author Bowie Ibarra about his latest novel, thoughts on zombies, interest with semi-professional and professional wrestling, and why beer and bush are always a wonderful combination. With beers in hand, Bowie lets listeners know what plans he has for his website Bowie’s latest book, BIG CAT, comes up in the chat as well as some of his other projects such as CODENAME: LA LECHUSA and DOWN THE ROAD: THE FALL OF AUSTIN. If readers may recall, we reviewed CODENAME: LA LECHUSA over here at SHU-IZMZ and one can read the review here: To hear the radio show, just click the link that is located right underneath the photo of Author Bowie Ibarra.

Author Bowie Ibarra


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