Support Your Local Video Store?

Video Stores. They are soon going to be going the way of Laser Discs, Betamax, and VHS…well, wait! VHS is having a revival of sorts, as evidenced by the recent SLEDGEHAMMER release by Intervision, as well as the HOUSE OF THE DEVIL gimmick not too long ago (both of which I wish I had gotten a hold of!). So now Videomatica, a video store that rents movies in Vancouver, BC in Canada, is going out of business it seems. Why is this being covered over here at SHU-IZMZ from a dude that lives in Chicago and its Northwest suburbs all of his life and whom has only visited Toronto, Ontario once when he was in high school? Well, because Videomatica just so happens to be the video store that the eminent Robin Bougie worked at. Robin is the editor of Cinema Sewer Vol. 1 and 2 (and soon to be Volume 3) as well as publishing the Cinema Sewer comicbook-formatted zine, which I adore.

So, check out the first episode of the webzine from Red Wheelbarrow to commemorate the event. The video is embedded below.

Support Your Local Video Store Promo – watch more funny videos

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