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BOOK REVIEW: BIG ASS SHARK by Briar Lee Mitchell


Since Shark Week was not too long ago, I thought that I would start reading some sharksploitation novels and stories, which I don’t know if the term “sharksploitation” can technically even be referenced on books that center around a shark for entertainment since the term has generally been used in reference to movies exploiting sharks like JAWS or the uber-popular SHARKNADO, but I am going to call this specific genre (more…)




The title of this post has absolutely nothing really to do with the episode, except for the fact that (more…)



Director Joshua D. Bruce giving the FIST!


Last week I had a chance to talk with independent film director Joshua D. Bruce. A New Jersey native, Joshua has gotten into indie filmmaking probably quite a bit earlier than most other filmmakers have, primarily due to his love of (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Air Date 7/7/2013 Fix: The Ministry Movie, Hatchet II, Human Centipede 2


Or religion, tools, and insects….

This week on SHU-IZMZ RADIO, your host Shu really just talked about a couple of films he watched over the weekend with his pals, FIX (The Ministry Movie) (2011), HATCHET II (2010), and HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 (Full Sequence) (2011). Don’t worry, I tossed on some cool tracks from Ministry to get one in (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Beauty and the Beasts of HORROR!


Another episode of SHU-IZMZ RADIO at CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO is upon the readers of SHU-IZMZ! I have been working really hard at getting unique and driven individuals in the indie horror scene to spill their GUTS on my show. This week I was able to talk again with actor, writer, and producer (more…)



cemeteryDirector Adam Ahlbrandt graciously granted SHU-IZMZ RADIO listeners an interview on the show (click here to download and listen) to talk about his indie horror slasher film, CROSS BEARER, starring Natalie Jean, Isaac Williams, and Shaun Paul Costello, and immediately following that interview he offered a digital screener of THE CEMETERY since as of this writing it has not been released in the United States. However, those in Germany are going to be able to pick up the film over there.

I enjoyed CROSS BEARER a good deal, as it offered a well-balanced amount of gore, boobs, and blood—but I enjoyed THE CEMETERY even more! Adam definitely increased the amount of (more…)



CROSS BEARER is a slasher film about a religious fanatic who takes some white bedsheets and wraps them around his head, making holes for the eyes, and bashes in sluts, drug addicts, hookers, strippers, and complete douchebags heads in while reciting biblical shit as he does it.

On a side note, there is one stripper (more…)



I popped in the dvd CREEP VAN, only a copy of the film because I was late in requesting a retail copy from the distributor. When the movie was sent to me they also included an advertisement made out of some foam cardboard-like material that had the cover and artwork on it (which was pretty cool) so I was stoked to see this film. I did not read anything about this film except that it was an independent, low-budget film from Michigan and had an awesome “Rape Van” on its cover: A Ford Econoline with blackened windows. This is the van that parents (more…)


manson family

For fans of the macabre, the gory, and the sleazy–a new midnight film series showcasing some of the most notoriously sleazy, bloody, vile, gory pieces of trashy grindhouse cinema never meant for mass consumption a monthly film series event is coming to the Logan Theatre at midnight. After all, the people that attend these (more…)


come out and play

come out and playThe one thing that seems to generally be taboo in most films, even horror films, is violence against and towards children. Whether that violence is a kid getting slapped, spanked, punched, or hit—movies generally tend to shy away towards it or if it is shown in films it is depicted as horrific or watered down somewhat in the editing room. If a child is going to be killed maliciously, it is always a shock to viewers and more times than not the actual death of the child is only alluded to, or not shown entirely. Not to say that I am one for violence against children by adults, but the sad facts are that kids get beat up, murdered, sodomized, tortured, and every other horrific thing one can imagine that have also happened to adults—so why not be (more…)



My-Amityville-HorrorMost everyone in my circle of friends has either seen, or at least heard of, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979), a film about a family moving into a house that its previous owners had been murdered in. The family got the house dirt-cheap, start experiencing weird manifestations and things start to happen that would make one believe evil spirits or ghosts occupy the house and are unhappy with its newest residents. Although this film is based on the true story of the Amityville House and its murders that occurred in 1974 where Ronald DeFeo, Jr. (known as Butch) was tried and convicted of murdering his mother, father, two sisters, and two brothers by shooting them with a rifle. DeFeo was found guilty on six accounts of 2nd-degree murder. He was sentenced to six concurrent sentences of 25 years to life. Still to this day, DeFeo is (more…)



The old-school practical effects-laden, inbred hillbilly, monster creature-feature is a throwback to the days of old when monster and slasher films were fun to watch because the advent of cheap CGI blood and digital effects had not been developed yet to ruin so many indie horror and sci-fi flicks as they do now. In THE MILLENNIUM BUG, watch and see how organic make-up and special effects are created in this brutally entertaining blood-and-guts-fest about a family heading up to an isolated part of the forests of Sierra Diablos mountains and instead of avoiding all the Y2K hysteria as planned (film takes place in 1999), the Haskins run into a deadly and violent hillbilly clan whose inbreeding has created some very gnarly mutated
“family members” much in the same tradition of (more…)


slaughter tales

slaughter talesSLAUGHTER TALES is a total piece of shit that was created by a kid not even 15-years old, but SLAUGHTER TALES is one of those “so crappy it’s completely awesome” kind of things and is full of laughs and great entertainment value. Director, actor, producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, make-up artist, and every other type of job one can think of needed on the set, Johnny Dickie, wears a plethora of creative hats. He is the creator of a zero-budget, z-grade, production with a zero-talented cast of “actors” that underneath it all is full of so much heart and soul that it is (more…)

PRESS RELEASE: Joe Hendrick’s DITCH stars Bill Oberst, Jr. and Katy Foley


Those of you who regularly read posts on the website or follow @shuizmz on Twitter or follow my posts on Facebook are probably well-aware that I consider actor and horror icon Bill Oberst, Jr. a friend, as well as a colleague of the Horror Community. I had him on SHU-IZMZ RADIO last week as a guest (along with the always delightful Dark Photographer Amanda Norman) and it was a special Holiday Episode. It was only fitting that I had on some guests that are also my friends. Well, here is a new feature length horror film that Bill is starring in, right on the heels of Bill winning “Baddest Villain” Award Saturday Dec. 30th at Zed Fest Film Festival in Hollywood for the role in Gabriel Sabloff’s film THE CURSE. 

The PRESS RELEASE as follows: (more…)


The following is a press release from Horror Unlimited and their magazine DIABOLIQUE. This horror mag looks pretty interesting and although I have not read an issue yet, it looks like it has some quality articles within its pages. I have browsed through an issue here and there when visiting one of my favorite magazine stops, CITY NEWSSTAND in the Portage Park neighborhood in Chicago. I thought I would share this press release for the latest issue of the magazine for SHU-IZMZ readers that are not familiar with the magazine. I am always happy to hear of magazines that are still in print and being published in a day and age when so many magazine companies are out of business or only in a digital format. Maybe DIABOLIQUE will send ol’ SHU a complimentary issue of their magazine for further inspection and review??? (more…)



OTHERThe horror/sci-fi short film, OTHER, is about a scientist who is trying to cure himself from a seemingly fatal disease whose prognosis offers no foreseeable cure–it has to be one of the coolest short films (running time 14:08) that I have seen in quite some time.  The production values on this film look like they put a great deal of money and time into making the movie, even if (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interviewing Author Bowie V. Ibarra


SHU-IZMZ RADIO had a chance to chat with San Antonio, Texas-based author Bowie Ibarra about his latest novel, thoughts on zombies, interest with semi-professional and professional wrestling, and why beer and bush are always a wonderful combination. With beers in hand, Bowie lets listeners know what plans he has for his website Bowie’s latest book, BIG CAT, comes up in the chat as well as some of his other projects such as (more…)



HikeI recently had a director by the name of Jennifer Campbell reach out to SHU-IZMZ and ask if I would be interested in reviewing her short horror film, HIKE, which she also produced and wrote. Campbell is (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO Episode #6…6…6!


shuizmz-talkradio595x595The 6th episode is titled the EASTER EPISODE, only because this was the episode that I recorded and intended it to be aired on Easter Sunday. The episode has nothing to do with that silly holiday, but instead has to do with HORROR FILMS! That’s right, folks, I reviewed the new Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack release of HORROR EXPRESS put out by Severin Films. Hear what I have to say about the quality of the release, as well as the film itself. I also talk about the new Synapse release of INTRUDER, a slasher film that stars not only one Raimi, but two Raimi’s! Both Ted and Sam Raimi are in this film and the boys formerly of KNB EFX did the make-up and special effects. Here is the link to download the show. One can also tune in to COREOFDESTRUCTIONRADIO.COM to hear the show on Sundays. (more…)


Blood ScarabYet even more B-Movie Madness….

Donald F. Glut’s final vampire flick in the Dracula/Vampire Trilogy, BLOOD SCARAB (2008), seems to be the best plot-wise and possesses some finer acting than his other two Dracula films. The lovely Monique Parent plays the role of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the infamous lesbian vampire, who was notorious for bathing in the blood of her virgin victims…oh wait—that is not true. The storyline for BLOOD SCARAB would like to have us believe this. In truth, (more…)


SCARLET COUNTESSAs B-Movie Madness continues, I moved on to my next Donald F. Glut feature, SCARLET COUNTESS (2001) a.k.a. THE EROTIC RITES OF COUNTESS DRACULA, another low-budget indie horror feature about Scarlet, a hot mama whose dream is to become a rock star (Ed. Note: I too had that same dream!), but late one night all this changed when she met Count Dracula and he bit, thus turning her into a vampire. (more…)


Independent horror filmmaker Geno McGahee just posted his 2nd trailer for his upcoming film SCARY TALES. If one recalls, I really enjoyed FAMILY SECRET (another film he directed). Check out the trailer and keep your eyes peeled for a review of the finished film when it comes out!



Troma Films, known for their low-brow toilet humor blended in with low-budget indie schlock “classics” such as THE TOXICAVENGER, CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, as well as distributing some solid cult-like entries in the sleaze market such as Joel M. Reed’s BLOODSUCKING FREAKS, we now have some modern-day films from Troma. As a young teenager, the company Troma meant T&A and gore, mixed with crude humor and I guess as a young prepubescent boy-I was ok with that. Now, grown up a little more (and I stress “little”), I need a bit more than flashes of boobies, some fart/toilet humor, and uber-cheesy gore and blood.

With KILLER YACHT PARTY, the feature debut of Piotr Uzarowicz, I believe Troma Films is still putting out some films that are more in line with the word “horrible” than “horrorfying”. In fact, I actually was a bit surprised that KILLER YACHT PARTY was not as bad as I thought it would be. The plot of the film revolves around a core group of douchebags that are only into the club scene and what it entails-getting drunk and getting laid. I used to work at a nightclub and it seemed that everyone associated with it just wanted to party every night, score with the hot ladies (or guys, depending on one’s preference), and either sell drugs at the venue or for promoters-make tons of money at the door and on liquor sales. This film throws in the mix a club on a yacht that has a haunted history, and a murderer racking up a body count.

One of the more interesting scenes in the film

The film is, essentially, a slasher film on a yacht. Oh yeah, and it advertises Kate Luyben is in it from TRUE BLOOD. Luyben was in two episodes of TRUE BLOOD in 2010, but I guess because she really was not in many other television or horror movies, this is the route to go in the ad campaign to get folks to want to check it out. Granted, this film is listed in IMDb as having been made in 2006, and then picked up by Troma about five years later (and 4 years after Lubyen was in TRUE BLOOD), this is really the only drawing aspect to me wanting to see this film, aside from the promise of “busty, hot girls” getting “butchered. Well, on this point, the film sort of delivers.

There are some very hot girls in this film—ya know, the plastic, fake kind that have had plastic surgery to get perfect noses, cheek bones, and tits. Also, most of these ladies look as though they wouldn’t know how to cook a microwave dinner, but then these are the girls that most viewers enjoy seeing slashed and gutted. I know I love when the spoiled, hot, rich girl gets it by the ugly, maniacal killing psychopath!

Becky Boxer and Maggie Marion

So, the club promoters, Brock (Eric Clark) and Monica (Kate Luyben) have set up this yacht party and Lacy (Becky Boxer) and Jane (Maggie Marion) who were at an event the club promoters were throwing the night (or week) before, get an exclusive invitation to attend this yacht party. Of course, the film tries to throw in some mysterious and odd characters to throw the audience off into not really figuring out for sure who the killer was, but after watching the film, it becomes fairly obvious who, or what, has been killing off everyone on the boat (oops, plot spoiler). Yeah, the film has quite a bit of murders and killing throughout most of the film. This would be a good thing, except that the murders are pretty straight-forward and really lack the creativity in how the victims are picked off one by one, which I think is an important aspect in truly making a solid slasher film. In all of the Friday the 13th films, Jason, or his mother, or a revenge-driven paramedic-they all have very fun and creative ways that the killer takes out his victims. It is one of the only reasons that I watch and enjoy slasher films, aside from the usual large amounts of gratuitous nudity from very attractive “actresses” (some of which are only cast for their screaming ability and luscious bodies), but it is, nonetheless, a valid reason.

KILLER YACHT PARTY lacks any type of imagination in the kill-scene department. Sometimes it is hard to think of new ways to kill a human being aboard a boat. There are only so many ways one can die, especially on a boat and there have been boatloads (pun intended!) of movies that have had victims dispatched on a boat. Therefore, why not at least have the full murder scene shown instead of dicing it up with annoying edits, spots of black screen breaking up the full murder. I guess that is the only way I know how to describe the edits when murder scenes occur. There are cuts in the middle of the murders where black nothing appears, almost as if the scenes were being cut and censored by the MPAA, but that is not the case because the film does not even have a rating on it.

The scenes of blood and little gore could have been done a bit better and would have looked better if there weren’t annoying editing spots tossed in during most of the murders. The scenes that were not shown, such as a girl lying on the floor with shards of a broken mirror stuck in her face and the rest of her body in random placement, were just after-shots of murders and usually were sub-par in the special effects department.

The gore and blood within this film is not up to par, but the acting in the film was not quite as bad as I thought it would be. Granted, many of the names in the film have been in small roles here and there or uncredited in some of the films they were in, but I felt that the D-List actors and actresses in the film did have some acting ability and gave the film a status that was a notch or two above an uber-low budgeted film that not only had extremely low production values, but also talentless bodies running through the scenes without any grace or purpose.

The plot directs viewers into the mystique of a woman that died on the boat and is believed to be haunting it, as well as having a creepy old guy taking care of the boat and also its captain. Then we have another old creepy guy, sort of like the old man’s character in the first few FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, warning the horny, playful teenagers and camp counselors that Crystal Lake was doomed and everyone that sets foot on the grounds will die. This old creepy guy in KILLER YACHT PARTY hangs around the docks and just acts creepy, as well as giving a lift to an unwanted drug dealer that was banned from attending the party, as well as the club promoters’ events. The film tries to confuse viewers into thinking one or several other characters or a ghost is doing the killing.

Is KILLER YACHT PARTY a ‘whodunnit murder mystery’ or just a less than good example of a slasher film? I would tend to lean towards the latter as the murders throughout the entire film don’t really conclusively lead towards any one particular character, especially when the only part of the murderer we see is black rubber gloves, which we see past the halfway point. The sad fact is that we don’t see any killing occur until almost an hour into the movie, a movie that is less than 90 minutes in duration. I guess, technically, there is one murder in the first 15 minutes, but we don’t actually see it but assume the victim is killed by her scream.

The hour leading up to the murders is boring dialogue intended to build up the characters and give them some depth, but unfortunately the characters are about as deep as a puddle after a light rain. It would a totally different matter if all the blood and gore towards the end of the film was over-the-top and incredible and made the tedious wait until the action started all be worth it, but that is definitely not the case. The wait is in vain.

KILLER YACHT PARTY is not the worse low-budget, indie film to come out on the market, but it is dismally close to being thrown in that category. I think this film is one that is normally not Troma material, as it is kind of light on the sleaze, nudity, and gore- all components of a fun Troma film. I also wonder about the reasons for the film being made in 2006 and being picked up by Troma almost five years later. It seems that this film is one that could have been passed up.

Heavy amounts of gore and nudity, as well as showing all the murders and not cutting parts out with lame editing techniques that make the scenes look as though they were censored, could have been the only saving grace this film had. Instead, I just felt that KILLER YACHT PARTY was a tedious waste of nearly 90 minutes that I could have passed up on and spent my time watching another movie.

I found the commentary, conducted by director Piotr Uzarowicz and writer Alex Silver to be far more interesting and engaging than the film itself. Aside from that, there is only a trailer for the film, as well as a slew of other Troma Team releases. I dug the cover of the movie, though. I wish the cover lived up to the content of the film and had as much blood within.

KILLER YACHT PARTY fails to stay afloat as a slasher film that holds any sort of merit in the genre. My advise is to pass up this lackluster slasher film and instead, rent some of the classics from the ’80s that defined the genre.