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Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.03.26 PMThe somewhat confusing and convoluted plot of NIGHTMARE WEEKEND starts off with a pretty loud bang when a couple of dudes try to break into a large house to steal some secret experimental data from a scientist. The first stud  (more…)



Herschell Gordon Lewis is a legendary director, one that I have met and chatted with on more than one occasion, and could not be a nicer man around. Then one remembers that he has directed countless cult films such as BLOOD FEAST, TWO THOUSAND MANIACS!, COLOR ME BLOOD RED, and THE WIZARD OF GORE—And those are just (more…)




The title of this post has absolutely nothing really to do with the episode, except for the fact that (more…)


vanessa del rio

vanessa del rioI am a few days late in hearing about this news, mostly because I do have “internet blackout”, as I call it, when I am at work because I am busy working the high-profile career of working in a movie and video game record shop in Chicago AND my “smart phone” just took a nose dive into technical retardation by crapping out on me and forcing me to whip it to the ground in a fit of unbridled anger and rage, BUT this is a bit of news right up ol’ Shu’s alley and suitable for SHU-IZMZ. As readers know, I have a (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interview with Author ROBERT ROSEN


Following  the review of BEAVER STREET: A HISTORY OF MODERN PORNOGRAPHY, I felt compelled to have a chat with the author, Robert Rosen, about his 16 dirty, dirty years working as a writer, editor, and…well…pornographer in the porn magazine industry. Readers of SHU-IZMZ know what affinity we have here for boobs, blood, and bush—while there isn’t really any blood in the porn-tastic memoir (not of the stabbing or slashing variety, anyhow!), all topics and subjects covered were extremely relevant for all parties interested.

Here is the download link for the interview, but I must warn you (more…)


Bunny Game

Bunny GameI am writing this review for Adam Rehmeier’s THE BUNNY GAME after having already interviewed the director and the lead actress, Rodleen Getsic, before having viewed the film. Taking the director’s suggestion, I watched the film around midnight with the volume raised pretty high. I really didn’t know what to expect with this film. I had heard that it was (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: THE BUNNY GAME’s Adam Rehmeier & Rodleen Getsic


Shu had a chance to talk with Director Adam Rehmeier and actress Rodleen Getsic about their latest film, THE BUNNY GAME, a controversial film about a prostitute that hitches a ride with a trucker who has more in mind than just giving her a lift. The Blu-ray comes out from Autonomy Pictures this month and I will be reviewing it here at SHU-IZMZ, as well as having a follow-up interview with Adam and Rodleen to talk about the film. (more…)



Here is the download link for a very gnarly interview with the beautifully raunchy, yet eloquent, Natalie Slater of! The interview gets extremely personal and explicit. I rarely interview hot, tattooed women on my show and it’s even RARER that they also dig wrestling, talking about bush, love Black Metal, and read alot (or even at all!). She is a friend of mine and runs the coolest baking website on the fucking planet! I found out something about her that I never knew, as well as learned about (more…)

Natalie Slater and Bake and Destroy present SUGARSLAM III: BATTER ROYAL

Very soon there will be an interview with my friend Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy. She is one of the coolest women out there I know and always has inspired me and my website. A fellow writer, blogger, and metalhead—we have a lot in common. We also love to eat. She can bake, which I can’t, but I sure do try to destroy when the event arises. We both have a love for horror films and her baking/horror column Slash and Dine at Brutal as Hell (link to her final post) is a testament to that. Check out her contest and download the interview when the link is up and posted. (more…)

REVIEW: ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS (1975)(Chopped Version)

Screen shot 2012-03-10 at 3.22.57 PM

This review was brought to you by the sponsorship of the folks over at ZOMBIEBLOODFIGHTS.COM.

One of my major pet peeves is the releasing of a film that is notorious for nudity, sex, violence, and gore—and releasing it cut and chopped to pieces, removing the nastiest of the aforementioned characteristics that gave the particular film its notoriety. Today, the Koreans have royally pissed me off in releasing an 87 min. version of ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS, the Korean Import version, where 9 minutes has been removed from the film. Generally, all scenes showing below the waist frontal nudity has been completely cut out. If anyone has read my posts they will realize that I am a fan and connoisseur of women who choose to leave their pelvic regions unshaven. I am a fan of “the bush”. If I were to choose an era of porn films to watch, the ’70s would be my predilection. (more…)



You may be wondering what the hell am I doing reviewing a film with a title like ANTFARM DICKHOLE. In fact, I would never in a million years have guessed that a film that has the nauseating compound word “dickhole” in it would be something I would even care to pop in the ol’ dvd player and watch in its entirety. But, alas, here is Shu reviewing a film from the infamous and somewhat legendary (in the metal community, anyways) Bill Zebub. Bill has directed a handful of films, most of them on very small budgets but on his own terms and answering to no studio or distributor. He is a truly independent filmmaker no matter what you think of any type of movie he has created. Granted, some of my favorite works he has made are a collection of interviews and commentaries from some highly influential names and bands in the metal community. In fact, some of the first “documentaries” on some of the more extreme metal bands, such as VENOM, CELTIC FROST, KING DIAMOND, and CANNIBAL CORPSE (all in interview form), came about because of Bill. I dug the way he filmed them, just a camcorder in hand with little to none production value. Unfortunately, some of his films were created in this same manner.


The one saving grace for most, if not all of Bill Zebub’s films is the nudity and raunchiness his films contain within them. When things lose momentum or the storyline gets dull, throw an attractive naked girl in front of the camera. Yeah, this style is very lowbrow, but so are his films, Sometimes, as with ANTFARM DICKHOLE, there is a social commentary slipped in there or a statement on society is made. Usually Zebub’s message is anti-Christian or anti-religion in general. If one is devoutly religious, I can’t imagine they would find anything within ANTFARM DICKHOLE enjoyable (or most horror, cult, or exploitation films).


So, lets get back to the dickhole of the antfarm. If the title does not already suggest it, the film is sleazy, low budget, filled with low-brow humor, a decent amount of nudity (full-frontal and rear), and has sarcastic one-liners and some humor with a bit of a bite.


The story starts out with a dude who has pre-mature ejaculation, as he explains it to his buddy (Bill Zebub), and then goes on to him whining about getting bullied while they are just chilling in the woods when all of a sudden a big European metalhead comes along and robs them and beats their asses. After all, the Nordic-looking Viking needed some beer money. After the boys are robbed, the shot cuts to a metal slut dancing to a strip-tease that really is not much of a tease because she bares her hairy-bush, breasts, and leaves only some sexy garter and lace stockings on. She starts blowing Ant-drew (Mike Nastri) and ants are suddenly crawling out of her mouth. I guess by crawling I mean fake plastic ants are spit out from her mouth. Yeah, I am talking about special effects lacking anything special whatsoever.


I now know exactly where this movie is going—–straight to the trashcan for its gratuitous nudity, trashcan effects, and skid row budget. The film’s scenes of dialogue did take some thought and effort, filled with sarcasm, puns, and colorful jokes but also has its share of cheeseball one-liners and sophomoric brand of comedy. At times, it got really old fast and even became painful to watch. It was especially painful to watch the 2nd and 3rd time. I came to realize just how awful lines of dialogue were delivered. Sadly, the director and “actor”, Bill Zebub (playing the role of Ant-Thony), gave the most believable performance in the whole film. He had more lines of dialogue than anyone in the film except for Nastri (He plays the main character Ant-drew, whom we get to see with a fake penis sticking out of his pants quite frequently with an ant popping out of it.)


The only aspect of the film that broke up some of the monotony of the comedic elements to it was the large amounts of full-frontal nudity and bush. It is nice to see a film that has metal sluts starring in it with unshaven snatch. None of the Hollywood glamour and silicone implants, tanned beauties with cleanly shaven pubic hairs and perfect complexions. ANTFARM DICKHOLE has regular women with curves, tattoos, not so perfect, sun-deficient skin with some spots of cellulite on the legs and booties. Yes, I am talking about real women.


As Ant-toin goes around masturbating to metal chicks, killing them as his killer ants slip out his dick and crawl onto the naked beauties and killing them (sorry, no graphic depictions of the deaths—only fake blood smeared on the body as the fake ants are strategically placed on breasts and other erogenous zones). This formula for the film reminds me of so many slasher films from the ‘80s and beyond. Almost every girl who gets naked, has sex, or is about to have an intimate moment gets killed by the ants. Bullies are not exempt from this either! If you are a douchebag the ants probably will kill you.

In one particular scene, a character and his lady are having a picnic in the woods (I think the whole film was made in a forest preserve of some kind) and the ants start attacking the male character. The female character is told to take off all her clothes because the ants are probably attracted to them. I chuckled at this ploy to get the girl to take all her clothes off, but to my disappointment, she only stripped down to bra and panties. In the next scene, another girl wearing a bikini takes all her clothes off and another hairy beaver is showcased. The scenes are filmed in the manner only a true pervert could capture when behind the camera. If anything, Bill (Zebub) has a future in making soft-core porno ala Russ Meyer-style.


Sadly, the film kept my attention only due to the fact that I was waiting to see what metal chick was going to get naked next. Yeah, when watching these type of low budget films I really only have excessive violence (or gore) and gratuitous nudity to peak my interest. Fortunately, ANTFARM DICKHOLE had an abundance of the latter. If one can sit through the movie to the hour mark, a really cool fight scene is filmed, complete with awesome metal soundtrack and a slow-motion battle sequence. After the T&A, this scene was the coolest.


This is my first Bill Zebub film that I have viewed and reviewed. I have a couple of others a fellow horror fan and writer gave to me because he refused to watch them, let alone review them for his website or the magazine he writes for. Apparently, the films were far too low below his level of decency or his standards. If any of you have read a handful of my reviews, you probably know by now that I have no standards. I will review a pile of dogshit sitting on an antique China plate with ornate gold trim and a sign next to it in elegant text stating “ART”, but just because it is called art does not mean it is either entertaining or profound. ANTFARM DICKHOLE is neither, but with its cool metal soundtrack, organized narrative and storyline, plethora of bush, booty, and breasts, and offbeat, vulgar humor—the film is not too bad a viewing. I also had a good time figuring out which metal bands’ t-shirt Bill would be wearing next. If anything, Bill has great taste in t-shirts.

RELEASES: Some Swedish sin from Impulse Pictures!


Impulse Pictures brings us some Swedish sinsationalism in the form of Christina Lindberg in her last starring role in the film WIDE OPEN. Below are the details of the dvd release, including a brief ploy synopsis. August is definitely going to be one hot month! Be sure to check back with Shu’s review and whether it is a film worth beating off to or just a one foreign hot mess!

Run Time: 102 Minutes In English Color
Widescreen Anamorphic 1.66:1 Region One Dolby Digital Mono

Director: Gustav Wiklund
Stars: Christina Lindberg, Solveig Andersson

Production year: 1975

Christina Lindberg and Solveig Andersson met before in the violent cult-classic Thriller: A Cruel Picture and Swedish Wildcats. They meet yet again in Wide Open, Lindberg’s last starring role in a feature film! Taxi driver Paul and his beautiful journalist girlfriend Marianne have a strained relationship. Things get crazy when Paul brings his drunken father back to their apartment. As tensions between the two lovebirds rise, they decide to chill out at a wild movie party and things go from bad to worse (for Marianne anyway) when they both wake up in bed together with Marianne’s sister, Beryl! Marianne leaves, so Paul decides to spend some time watching strippers and taking Beryl along for some nighttime fun. Everything is going great, until Beryl gets picked up by the evil Mr. X and things turn dangerous. A stolen mink coat, drugs, and violent sex games lead Paul and Beryl to confront Mr. X during the film’s perverse stag party climax!

Chock full of nudity and sex, Wide Open is a must for all fans of sexy Swedish sin-ema!

Bonus features include: Trailers, Interview with Christina Lindberg and Director Gustav Wiklund, Photo Gallery

SOURCE: Impulse Pictures


The film, BUSTY TWINS a.k.a. LUST CONNECTION, focuses around the ultra rich doctor Rick Taylor (Frank Harper) whose wife, Susan (Glori-Anne Gilbert), is found dead one day in his hot tub. Of course, Rick is the prime suspect in her killing, and veteran detective Blake (Jay Richardson) starts playing hardball with Rick, sensing that something just does not add up with the facts at hand and the story that Rick has given the detective. It also does not help that Rick does not have an alibi for the day and time of the murder.

The film is basically an excuse to have soft-core sex scenes between Harper’s character and all the other hot actresses (porn stars). The film looks as if it had been a hardcore porno that was edited to secure itself from getting a XXX rating. Although it is unrated, tossing in some hardcore penetration shots would brand it a porno film. I really felt like this whole film was one giant cock tease. As for the rest of the plot, centering around Rick Taylor indulging himself in on-line sexual fantasies between other girls on their web cams, the gratuitous nudity (shots of beaver included) worked in favor of the film and its flimsy plot. My largest complaint with the whole film was the lack of bush on these sultry tarts and some of the horrendous silicone breast implants. The film is rampant with them.

There are some hilarious scenes where all these web cam encounters turn to face-to-face encounters in which the ladies want to take the fantasy to the next level and start screwing Rick in their wildest fantasy. Director H. R. Blueberry a.k.a. Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall) directs Rick banging women in a fitness center, in the forest, in Rick’s own home with his wife downstairs-you name it and Rick is slamming a slutty babe any which way he can. Aside from multiple sex scenes with Glori-Anne Gilbert (who also plays the character Jenny, Susan’s sister), Frank Harper gets to rail Julie K. Smith (Sasha), Chasey Lain (Pizza Molly), Avy Scott (Cora), Monique Parent (Beth), Jodie Moore (The Stranger), and Holly Hollywood (girl in motel). Many of the aforementioned names you may recognize as adult film actresses.

As for the soundtrack of this film, it pretty much is the most annoying porn music I have ever heard. It is really generic techno and dance tracks, ones that would not be played in any club I would ever be caught dead in. It really reminded me of bad ‘80s flicks, ones on a next to nothing budget. I think if this movie were not a softcore sex-romp, I would have enjoyed it far more. All the actresses in the film are standard porn-issue tits, ass, and vagina, most shaved bare or with minor decorative pubic hair, and more fake tits than natural.

Most of the sex scenes are like a music video, no live sound and just the bad dance music that I hate. Sometimes it is kind of hot hearing the actor and actress moaning and groaning as their pleasures are fulfilled. As Glori-Anne Gilbert’s character changes from going blonde as Rick’s wife and back to brunette as the sister of Rick’s wife, I have to say that I really think she has a beautiful face, very sexy look to her but looks even hotter as a brunette, her natural hair color. I really don’t think this film helped monogamous married couples in any way whatsoever. Aside from the wife being murdered, Rick’s lifestyle looked to be pretty damn entertaining.

As for the 2nd “film” on the dvd, it is not really a movie as it is clips from various porn films watered down to coincide with the non-hardcore theme of the disc. Many of the scenes were taken from the exact set of the movie, with many of the same actresses and actors from Busty Twins a.k.a. Lust Connection (as this is known in the states). Out two twin sister hosts, the Potter Twins (Crystal and Jocelyn), talk us through each softcore scene while sitting naked in a soapy hot tub, with their horrible fake tits bouncing around like two beach balls, hanging over each other like incestuous lovers. Some of the tits, ass, and vagina in this segment belong to Stormy Daniels, Barbie Bennett, Friday, Taimie Hannum, Sindy Lange, Sarah Maglaughlin, Frankie Cullen, Chip N. Dale, Matt Dalpiaz, Danny Pipe, and Taylor Wayne.

The quality of the video was superb, though. Colors were rich and vibrant. The sound quality was great, too, but it was just too bad some better music was not playing during the movie. The generic techno/dance beats were killing me. They were so terrible.

As far as extras go, I guess the Strip For Action bonus feature, which is billed on this dvd as the 2nd movie on the disc, was quite a large extra if one counts it. It is almost an hour long and full of more “spank it” material. In addition to this there is a A Taste of Retro Naughty Vintage Peep Show hosted by the king of sleaze 42nd Street Pete, in which some 8mm loops are shown, only adding to about 1 ½ minutes of black and white stag-like footage. The commentary with HR Blueberry and Glori-Anne Gilbert is pretty cool. Glori-Anne has such a sexy voice and it has got to be funny to talk about yourself in scenes in which one is stripping, screwing, and getting licked up and down by your co-stars. It is pretty cool to hear a director and his lead actress talking about a soft-core porn film. I wish hardcore porn films had audio commentaries during them. I think it would be hysterical.

I think if you want to be teased with nudity, “almost” hardcore sex, and simulated love scenes-than this is your film. I say go out and rent some real hardcore sex films instead of a watered down flick with a boring plot, lifeless acting, and pretty boring overall. The only reason I did not give this film a lower rating is I like hot women, nudity, and cheesy flicks. One could probably pass this one up and find a flick with the same amount of nudity but maybe a dash of action, gore, humor, or a higher caliber of actors and actresses.