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Lisa Ovies and Simon from Puppet Killer

Lisa Ovies and Simon from Puppet KillerLisa Ovies, director, producer, actress, and writer (as well as many other hats worn on movie sets) took the time to answer all my questions I threw at her about her upcoming film PUPPET KILLER, as well as a bit about (more…)



The fifth horror feature from Canadian make-up/special-effects artist Ryan Nicholson entitled, FAMINE, is a direct-to-video, high school slasher flick that is heavy on obnoxious and mundane dialogue in the form of teenage “banter” between the popular kids and the losers, or unpopular kids. At times reminding me of cruel teenager antics like in such classic horror favs that depict hellish high school pranks and torment as in (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Cinema Sewer’s ROBIN BOUGIE Interview

cinema sewer

cinema sewerFolks may have listened to my first interview I conducted with the extremely talented artist and immensely knowledgeable film buff at CINEMA SEWER, the one and only, Robin Bougie. Well. since the latest issue of Cinema Sewer was out and on sale, along with the companion piece portraying Robin’s sleazier side of things in Sleazy Slice, I thought it only fitting to (more…)

INTERVIEW: Director Richard Powell and Producer Zach Green

fatal pictures
fatal pictures

Richard Powell, Robert Nolan, and Zach Green (left to right)

Director Richard Powell and Producer Zach Green granted me an interview regarding their new short horror film FAMILIAR, which recently just played in the Chicagoland area at the Chicago Fear Fest this month. For those of you that missed me talking to Zach Green on SHU-IZMZ RADIO several weeks back, this interview should make up a little bit for missing it. Director Powell also answered some of the questions and offered his input. Questions specifically answered by Zach Green are noted. (more…)



SHU-IZMZ RADIOHere is the download link to SHU-IZMZ RADIO Episode #4 on CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO. Producer Zach Green of Fatal Pictures took the time to chat with me about his upcoming horror short film FAMILIAR, directed by Richard Powell. Of course, as fate would have it, there was some technical difficulty (my cell phone went insane) around the 3 minute mark and I had to call back in so keep listening because not only do myself and Zach talk about his short film we decide to talk about Chicago, its crime, politics, and some other films. Also, find out how little I actually know about gun laws. As always, ANYTHING goes on the SHU-IZMZ RADIO show! (more…)