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Lisa Ovies and Simon from Puppet Killer

Lisa Ovies and Simon from Puppet KillerLisa Ovies, director, producer, actress, and writer (as well as many other hats worn on movie sets) took the time to answer all my questions I threw at her about her upcoming film PUPPET KILLER, as well as a bit about (more…)


Ryoo Seung-wan

Ryoo Seung-wan

South Korean director, writer, and actor, Ryoo Seung-wan, most known for directing ARAHAN (2004), THE CITY OF VIOLENCE (2006), THE UNJUST (2010), and CRYING FIST (2005), had a chance to answer some questions that SHU-IZMZ had for him about his latest action-thriller, THE BERLIN FILE (2013) that explores (more…)

Makinov’s Manifesto for COME OUT AND PLAY

The director’s manifesto is very…interesting. Enjoy. (more…)

Third Reich 3D films found?!?!?!

Swastika Flag

Variety is reporting that films shot on 3D in pre-war Nazi Germany have been found in Berlin’s Federal Archives. Phillipe Mora, whom I had the pleasure to interview back in July of 2009 for another website I was writing for at the time, is in the process of making a new documentary with the working title of “How the Third Reich Was Recorded“. While in Germany prepping his new film, Mora uncovered two 30-minute black and white propaganda films from 1936. Researching and making a film on the Nazi’s is no new thing for the French director who now resides in Australia. Phillipe Mora (The Howling 2, Mad Dog Morgan, Communion) made a groundbreaking film entitled “Swastika” in 1973, which contained unseen color footage of Adolf Hitler’s 16mm home movies, some of the footage containing his mistress, Eva Braun, at the Berghof mountain retreat at Obersalzberg in the Bavarian Alps.

With this new 3D film discovery, it appears that the Nazis were well-ahead of Hollywood with 3D technology by decades. The 3D medium was first popularized by Hollywood in the 1950’s and currently is having one hell of a major renaissance in theaters nationwide and internationally. It seems one can’t find movie openings without having at least one or two of those films opening in 3D.

Mora was quoted by Variety as saying, “The films are shot on 35mm-apparently with a prism in front of two lenses.”

French-born Australian filmmaker Phillipe Mora

Right now, Variety reports that Mora is at the Berlinale for his planned $13 million 3D biopic on surrealist Salvador Dali, starring Alan Cumming and Judy Davis, that plans to be filmed in Germany, Australia, and Spain. The film is in pre-production right now with a slated 2012 release according to IMDB.

Mora goes on to say, “They were made by an independent studio for Goebbels’ propaganda ministry and referred to as ‘raum film’- which may be why no one ever realized since that they were 3D.”

The German films found were entitled “So Real You Can Touch It” which is footage of a sizzling bratwurst (oh boy, the Nazis are sure making good use of their 3D technology, right?) and “Six Girls Roll Into Weekend” which is thought to be UFA studio starlets partying it up.

Mora believes there is probably more 3D footage somewhere out there, just waiting to be discovered. I have to agree with him. As time goes on, more and more new things concerning the Nazis, whether it be new information or buried treasures once thought forever lost and forgotten, seems to just pop up every now and then. I think that as awful as World War II was, the mystique and horror that the Nazis were during that period never fails to fascinate history buffs, film historians, and avid researchers and intellectuals on the topic of Hitler and the Nazis.

Mora goes on to tell Variety that, “The quality of the film is fantastic. The Nazis were obsessed with recording everything and every single image was controlled-it was all how they gained control of the country and its people.”

That last comment Mora states about how the Nazis were obsessed with recording everything just reminded me of Harrison Ford portraying Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark in the one particular scene in which the Nazis have set up all their film cameras to capture the unveiling of the ark. Spielberg did his research for the film, apparently.

Mora goes on to tell Variety that he plans to incorporate the 3D footage in his upcoming documentary “How the Third Reich Was Recorded” (working title).

Mora made a documentary in 2011, entitled German Sons, which readers may want to check out as well while you’re waiting for the his two aforementioned films to be completed. Here is the synopsis for that film:

Mora is the son of a German Jewish man who joined the French Resistance. Grosskopf is the son of a Nazi Party member who joined the Wehrmacht. They become good friends and reconcile their opposite family histories.

I am very anxious to see Mora’s completed film and want to get my hands on “Swastika”, as well.