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Slayer Repentless #1 STD

SLAYERFor fans of metal and one of the most brutal speed metal thrash bands on the planet, SLAYER, there is not also a comic book based on the band’s album “Repentless” and videos that accompany it in the brand new (more…)

COMIC BOOK NEWS: Dark Horse Comics to Publish THE GOON Library Editions

dark horse comics logo

Just announced from Dark Horse Comics, one of my favorite modern-day comic books is getting its own library edition. This is great news for readers and even greater news for collectors of the series. Great, too, if you have (more…)



Okay, it is that time of the year when one can go in to their local comic book shop and grab a free comic or, better yet, comics! It also is a great opportunity to drag along non-readers of America’s Favorite Pastime (after Baseball for sports fans and after drinking booze for alcoholics—which may also be categorized under “Sports Fans”) and get them introduced to the wonderful world of comic books and art at no expense. After all, who can pass up on something FREE?!?!?! (more…)

C2E2 IS COMING! Official Poster artwork by Alex Ross!


SHU-IZMZ will be attending C2E2 again this year! We have been given a press pass and I will be taking along my trusty cameraman and videoographer to document the convention. We are both stoked beyond belief and very fortunate to get access with press credentials.

Of course, our focus will be the entertainment aspect of the convention, as well as the dealers. We always go shopping at these types of conventions and want readers to know (more…)


goon 39

goon 39Some of you readers out there may, or may not know that SHU-IZMZ is a fan of comicbooks. Rarely have they been reviewed on the website, but I believe that is about to change. Dark Horse Comics has added the site to their press release mailer and it will be a pleasure to review specific comicbooks that are cool as hell. One of those very comicbooks that is a must-read for fans of horror, humor, and quirky characters on the violent side is Eric Powell’s THE GOON. Personally introduced to this comicbook by a co-worker at a grocery warehouse years ago, after one issue I was hooked! The artwork is incredible and the stories are very entertaining. THE GOON is a tough-ass, mean, son-of-a-bitch that has made his way up the crime ladder after his someone he loved was murdered in cold blood right in front of his own eyes. He then goes on to taking out the man who was responsible and turns day by day into man whose soul is twisted by love, anger, hatred, and a terrible, hard-knock life. Along with his smaller sidekick Franky, the two fight all sorts of types of evil of every imaginable shape and size. It is kind of a long story to explain everything and that is not my job. I am only informing readers that THE GOON is one of the finest comicbooks that I have ever read to date and love the ballsy attitude that its creator has taken with the stories and artwork.

Issue #39 deals with the following: mocking mainstream comicbook giants Marvel and DC and their formula for superhero stories in a highly satiric manner. Wait, I am only GUESSING that the two comicbook giants Eric Powell is making reference to are Marvel and DC. Maybe he meant Image or Top Cow.

If one has read an issue of THE GOON, you either love it or hate it. Fortunately, most that read THE GOON end up loving it. As many characters in comics I adore, one common theme with my favorite characters is not taking any sort of shit from anyone. I love no-nonsense characters and THE GOON definitely fits that profile.

Synopsis to issue #39:

In order to try to compete with the gimmicks and rehashes of the Big Two superhero companies, Eric Powell has decided to completely sell out and relaunch the Goon in this super-epic, brand new, first-ever first edition of the 39th issue of The Goon! Not only do the Goon and Franky get new costumes, but we also discover there are different-colored versions of the Goon! Green Goon! Red Goon! Blue Goon! Purple Goon! WHAT A PLOT!

Eric Powell
Eric Powell
Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:
Eric Powell

Genre: Humor, Horror

Publication Date:
April 25, 2012
FC, 32 pages