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I am starting to become a big fan of the Mo Brothers, although KILLERS is the only sample of their work I have seen. I have seen a small sampling of Timo Tjahjanto’s work as director of the segment “Safe Haven” in V/H/S/2 and “L is for Libido” in THE ABCs OF DEATH. I am anxiously waiting to pick up MACABRE and watch that. I will be ordering an import edition of that on Blu-ray.

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raid 2


As far as action flicks go, they can ultimately be hit or miss with me. Having some really impressive action sequences can make for an incredibly visually appealing experience at first, but then after 90 minutes or more of this, the initial blast of awesomeness starts to wear thin and wane out, in much the same way a fantastically large budgeted summer blockbuster like the latest bastardization in the TRANSFORMERS franchise by “all sensation, zero thought stimulation”  Michael Bay does in almost every film he pumps out regularly. The only thing being slung out faster than empty emotional build-up is the millions of dollars that generally make up the budget of any one of his films.

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