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THE BOY cover

THE BOY coverThe amount of films whose premise is a creepy doll or at least a film containing a some creepy dolls in it are almost never ending. Maybe not never ending, but I easily found 30 or more films that have dolls in them and all the dolls are evil bastards. We have the whole (more…)

The Walking Dead creep into C2E2!

C2E2 Logo


C2E2 LogoAnyone that knows about SHU-IZMZ knows that as much as the website loves twisted films, metal, and the three B’s (Bush, Boobs, and Blood), the site also has a great fondness and respect for comicbooks and the geek culture of comicbooks. Hell, horror conventions (which I love going to!) has just as many geeks involved with the scene as those involved with comicbooks does. I am not saying that as a bad thing, but more of a title to be revered. A geek of any sorts is so immersed into something that they neither notice nor care that they may have lost all touch with the rest of civilization who is not aware of the awesome comicbook, film, or subject of interest that they are specifically into. Hell, I call geeks the elite of the horror, comicbook, sci-fi, and metalheadz. A geek is a term of endowment and envy. If someone calls me (more…)