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If you don’t think HE-MAN and the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE was not a cool show when you were a kid growing up in the ’80s and you have a penis and balls, then stop reading this press release and hire a detective to find out where  your taste in cartoons went missing because you lack it! Come on! He-Man was like watching (more…)




For those of you in the Michigan-area and the surrounding Midwest, you might want to check out the GRAND RAPIDS COMIC-CON in Grand Rapids, Michigan from November 21-23, 2014 at the DeltaPlex. SHU-IZMZ ran into the guys from Grand Rapids this year at C2E2 and because they were so cool, we decided to help spread the word about their convention. After all, Michigan is not THAT far away from the Chicagoland area and is part of the Midwest family. Here are the first few press updates with some guest announcements and info about the convention. So far, they have (more…)

14th Annual BlobFest in Phoenixville, PA- July 12-14th


Some may argue with me, but of all the great films legendary actor Steve McQueen has been in, I still find THE BLOB (1958) to be one of my favorite films he ever acted in. Granted, I am a horror fan and love sci-fi films of the ’50s and ’60s, but a film about an alien life form consuming EVERYTHING in its path as it grows and grows–No, we are not talking about me eating unlimited hot wings!–is a timeless classic story that never loses its charm.

What better way to show admiration, appreciation, and emulation towards a film than attending a whole 3-day festival honoring the film entitled BlobFest!?! Not only will THE BLOB be screened at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA, the town the original movie was filmed in and around, but the actual theater that played such a pivotal role in the film will be screening the movie inside it. The BlobFest, entitled “Bug Out BlobFest” celebrates the best of the “buggy” sci-fi films. The event begins Friday with a stage show and an annual “Run Out Reenactment” and at the time of the posting of this press release, tickets for the Run Out have sold out! But fear not, those that didn’t get tickets already still can gather across the street and watch the event. This occurs at 9pm.

Other films being screened with THE BLOB are (more…)

PRESS RELEASE: FANTASM horror convention doc coming in May!

fantasm-promoHere is some news that horror fans may be pleased to hear about, quite honestly I am think some of you guys and gals out there may even be seen in some of the footage. After seeing some interesting documentaries on LARPing (MONSTER CAMP, DARKON), Trekkies (TREKKIES, TREKKIES 2), and small pieces of footage at conventions that were showcased in docs like BEST WORST MOVIE (2009), I am looking forward to checking this film out. Read the press release (more…)

PRESS RELEASE: Joe Hendrick’s DITCH stars Bill Oberst, Jr. and Katy Foley


Those of you who regularly read posts on the website or follow @shuizmz on Twitter or follow my posts on Facebook are probably well-aware that I consider actor and horror icon Bill Oberst, Jr. a friend, as well as a colleague of the Horror Community. I had him on SHU-IZMZ RADIO last week as a guest (along with the always delightful Dark Photographer Amanda Norman) and it was a special Holiday Episode. It was only fitting that I had on some guests that are also my friends. Well, here is a new feature length horror film that Bill is starring in, right on the heels of Bill winning “Baddest Villain” Award Saturday Dec. 30th at Zed Fest Film Festival in Hollywood for the role in Gabriel Sabloff’s film THE CURSE. 

The PRESS RELEASE as follows: (more…)


The following is a press release from Horror Unlimited and their magazine DIABOLIQUE. This horror mag looks pretty interesting and although I have not read an issue yet, it looks like it has some quality articles within its pages. I have browsed through an issue here and there when visiting one of my favorite magazine stops, CITY NEWSSTAND in the Portage Park neighborhood in Chicago. I thought I would share this press release for the latest issue of the magazine for SHU-IZMZ readers that are not familiar with the magazine. I am always happy to hear of magazines that are still in print and being published in a day and age when so many magazine companies are out of business or only in a digital format. Maybe DIABOLIQUE will send ol’ SHU a complimentary issue of their magazine for further inspection and review??? (more…)


killing for culture

killing for cultureThis is great news, folks! I am so fortunate to have a copy of the original printing of KILLING FOR CULTURE (ISBN 978-1-900486-87-3), a fascinating book on all films dealing with death. The book is a fascinating read (from what I read so far) and is a must have for any fan of horror films, mondo films, documentaries, morbid curiosity, or one whose fascination with death on film has not been sufficiently satiated. The previous edition published in 1994 and 1995 has been out of print for some time and sold 12,o00 copies. The previous edition was “pre-internet” (I bought my copy at TOWER RECORDS when I worked for the company,which is no longer around) and without material pertaining to the web.  I am so glad I grabbed it when I did. The book is one of the most controversial and influential modern texts and it now has a complete makeover. (more…)

IMDB to host THE RAVEN’S Official Movie Website



So, Relativity Media has chosen to host the official movie website for THE RAVEN, a horror-mystery tale starring John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe. Well, the film certainly will be getting TONS of exposure. Any fan of film and movies usually goes to IMDB for all their movie needs. Hell, I have the Android phone app and use it every damn day! Smart move on Relativity Media and Intrepid Pictures. Now if the movie turns out to suck or be a financial flop, this may not fair too well for IMDB. Any future films doing this may be deemed future flops. Honestly, I think the film may be decent and I like John Cusack and love Edgar Allen Poe stories. It sure as hell is better than another sequel or remake, right.-Ed.

Below is (more…)



RED SCORPIONDolph Lundgren is blowing shit up in Joseph Zito’s explosive RED SCORPION, now on Blu-ray and DVD from Synapse Films!

International built-as-hell action star Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables, Rocky IV) is Lt. Nikolai Rachenko, a Soviet Special Forces “killing machine,” assigned to infiltrate an African rebel uprising and assassinate their anti-Communist leader. Taken into custody and tortured after the mission fails, he stages a harrowing prison escape. Befriended by an African bushman while on the run, Nikolai discovers he was fighting on the wrong side of this violent conflict all along. Nikolai finds the rebel army once more but, this time, he’s on their side and wages bloody war against his former comrades!

This action-packed controversial cult classic is now available from Synapse Films in a brand-new 2K high-definition transfer of the uncensored version, containing footage never before seen in the U.S. Featuring amazing performances from Dolph Lundgren, M. Emmet Walsh (Blade Runner, Blood Simple) and the late Brion James (Blade Runner, Southern Comfort), RED SCORPION contains bloody, blasting special effects from (more…)

SHAME slides onto Blu-ray April 17th from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment!



Get Captivated by Michael Fassbender’s Unforgettable,
Golden Globe® Nominated Performance
Available Exclusively on Blu-ray Combo Pack April 17

Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize for Best Film and Volpi Cup for Best Actor
at the 2011Venice Film Festival

Los Angeles, CA (February 14, 2012) – From visionary director Steve McQueen, one of the most talked about films of 2011 comes (more…)

WIZARDS hits Blu-ray from 20th Century Fox March 13th



The Fantastical Allegory Comes to Life for the First Time
On Blu-ray March 13

Twentieth Century Fox’s first-ever animated film, created by renowned director Ralph Bakshi, WIZARDS appears in a 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray + Book release on March 13 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the “epic fantasy of peace and (more…)

DEVIL BAT DIARY flies into print!


Agoura Hills, California

“DEVIL BAT DIARY – The Journal of Johnny Layton” by Peter H. Brothers

Inspired by the famous 1940 film, Devil Bat Diary (ISBN: 9-781461-070924), tells the “true” story of what really happened to the unhappy citizens of Heathville, Illinois, during that terrible prewar summer, as recorded in the long-suppressed journals of Chicago City Register’s principal newspaper correspondent, Jonathan “Johnny” Layton.

The Devil Bats were furry fiends created by a scientific genius who believes himself wrongfully relegated to concocting perfumes and colognes which he despises for wages not worth mentioning. So, as a means to an embittered end, he manufactures an evil ointment with a scent that so infuriates his giant bats to such an extent they feel compelled to tear the throats out of their unsuspecting victims.

Devil Bat Diary” tells for the first time the full inside story of what took place in ways not possible to show to Production Code audiences back then: did you know that Chief Wilkins was in love with Layton, or that Mary was a religious lunatic, or that Layton and his trusted partner “One-Shot” McGuire couldn’t stand the sight of each other?

Written to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the film’s release and dedicated to the eternal memory of the great Bela Lugosi,Devil Bat Diary” is an unforgettably entertaining venture into a world filled with chirping Chiropterans, malicious murders, sacred sex and revolting revelations.

(Three-time Rondo Award nominee Peter H. Brothers is also the author of “Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men – The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda.”)

Sadly, I have not seen Bela Lugosi in the classic DEVIL BAT! I do own the movie, so I will be getting on this right away! Look for the book! I found it for sale at Amazon, so I am sure most bookstores will have it (wait, are bookstores even around anymoer?!?!) so go show your support and pick it up from an indie bookseller before one only has the option of buying books online. It is also available in Kindle edition but who wants a digital file, anyways? Real books are so much cooler to look at!

Synapse Films to acquire three Adrian Garcia Bogliano films!


SYNAPSE FILMS Rewards Fantastic Fest Favorite


Feature Film Pickup

Argentine director Adrian Garcia Bogliano

Interestingly enough, I was just reading up on Bogliano after I saw the trailer for COLD SWEAT (SUDOR FRIO) as I have started to look for really cool foreign films to review over here at SHU-IZMZ. I see that SYNAPSE FILMS is doing the same and making it easier for fans of horror films from all over the world to see new flicks on Dvd and Blu-ray. This is both great, and exciting news, for fans of foreign horror films. If you, like me, are sick of remakes and numerous sequels, it seems that checking out films from other countries is a way to add some variety and new blood to your viewing pleasures. I will be looking forward to viewing these three films when they come out. I am also in the process of getting screeners for COLD SWEAT and PENUMBRA. Hopefully my efforts will pan out.

ROMULUS, MI – September 28, 2011 – Synapse Films has snared rights to three terrifying feature films by celebrated Fantastic Fest and SXSW filmmaker Adrián García Bogliano, the Argentine director of festival favorite COLD SWEAT and the upcoming PENUMBRA, grabbed by IFC Midnight on the eve of the film’s Fantastic Fest world premiere.

In ROOMS FOR TOURISTS a busload of girls fall prey to a town of terror… what connects the victims? The young filmmaker of WATCH’EM DIE takes a job that leads to horror. Four young girls stop to help a woman in the street and it leads to rape horror and death in the breath-stopping I WILL NOT DIE ALONE.

“I am a huge fan of Adrian’s films and have seen every single one. I feel that he may be the most talented new filmmaker I have come across,” enthuses Synapse head Jerry Chandler. “He is a master of making the most of miniscule budgets and his attention to detail is unmatched. I was hooked when I first saw ROOMS FOR TOURISTS—the atmospheric dread is palpable early on. I WILL NOT DIE ALONE is somewhat similar to I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, only it’s a great movie! And WATCH’EM DIE is much more fun to watch than Hostel or its myriad imitations.”

Synapse Films exec Jerry Chandler negotiated the deal with the filmmaker.

SOURCE: Synapse Films


FRANKENHOOKER coming to Blu-ray! Hip-Hip-HOOORAY!~



So folks, Synapse Films is releasing FRANKENHOOKER out on Blu-ray disc November 8th of this year. I really enjoyed this film and own the dvd version of the film. James Lorinz is great in it, but I am anxious to view the special features on the brd (blu-ray disc) and to see the movie in high-def! The more movies out on Blu-ray, the better. Be on the lookout for a review of FRANKENHOOKER in the not-to0-distant future. Here are the specs for new edition of the film:

SRP: 24.95 UPC#: 654930313497
Run Time: 85 Minutes English language Color
Widescreen Anamorphic 1.78:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround
All Regions
Production year: 1990
Director: Frank Henenlotter
Stars: James Lorinz, Patty Mullen, Louise Lasser, Jennifer Delora
Genre: Horror

From Frank Henenlotter, the creator of the BASKET CASE trilogy and BRAIN DAMAGE, comes FRANKENHOOKER, a gory horror-comedy twist on the Frankenstein legend. When Jeffrey Franken’s fiancee is chopped to pieces by the blades of a remote-controlled lawnmower, he uses his dubious medical knowledge to try to bring her back to life. He reassembles his beloved Elizabeth using the body parts of New York City’s finest prostitutes, and resurrects her during a heavy lightning storm. Unfortunately for Jeffrey, his dear Elizabeth’s brain is scrambled and she runs amok on 42nd Street, turning tricks and bringing high-voltage death to her customers! Synapse Films is proud to present the uncut version of FRANKENHOOKER in an all-new 2K high-definition transfer created from original vault materials and digitally re-mastered 5.1 surround sound!

Bonus Features: Audio Commentary with Director Frank Henenlotter and Make-Up Effects Designer Gabe Bartalos, “A Salad That Was Once Named Elizabeth” – Patty Mullen Featurette, “A Stitch in Time: The Make-Up Effects of FRANKENHOOKER” – Featurette, “Turning Tricks: Jennifer Delora Remembers FRANKENHOOKER“- Featurette, Jennifer Delora’s FRANKENHOOKER PHOTO SCRAPBOOK, Theatrical Trailer

Well Go USA has been busy brokering deals to bring J-Horror fans more films!



PLANO, TEXAS. (August 29, 2011) — Well Go USA has preemptively acquired all North American distribution rights including theatrical, DVD, Digital, VOD and Television to the upcoming 3D horror thriller TORMENTED from Hong Kong/Netherlands-based Fortissimo Films. They have simultaneously also acquired all rights to the 2010 horror classic THE SHOCK LABYRINTH. Both films were directed by edgy auteur Takashi Shimizu, best known for the original 2002 Japanese hit The Grudge (Juon) and the 2003 sequel The Grudge 2 (Juon 2) as well as the US remakes of both films. The original film and the English language remakes grossed over $270 million worldwide.

TORMENTED will premiere at the upcoming Venice Film Festival in Official Selection Midnight. It has just been announced that it also has been selected for Official Competition at the Sitges Film Festival, the world’s foremost fantasy and horror film festival to be held in October this year.

The deal was brokered between Doris Pfardrescher, President, Well Go USA Entertainment and Winnie Lau, EVP, Sales & Acquisitions, Fortissimo Films.

“We are looking to push the envelope and bring unique filmed entertainment from all corners of the world to the North American market,” said Doris Pfardrescher. “We are excited to have secured rights to these films directed by the very talented, visionary director Takashi Shimizu that will no doubt resonate with the huge and passionate genre fan base.”

Fortissimo’s Lau added, “ In the last few years Well Go has established a very strong reputation in North America for its exciting selection of films combining great marketing with great distribution. We are thrilled that Fortissimo’s first two 3D titles will be in their excellent hands and we are looking forward to strong results across all media.”


TORMENTED centers on a young boy whose family seems to be unraveling around him. His sister is grappling with the reality of life or death, while his storybook illustrating father walks a line with insanity. The situation intensifies when the boy manifests a dangerous friendship with a stuffed toy rabbit that comes to life. Is he crazy or are they all delusional? Shimizu ventures once more into the terrifying corners of the mind where the lines between fact and fiction are blurred. This film marks his first collaboration with award winning director of photography Christopher Doyle who has previously worked with many other noted Asian directors including Wong Kar Wai.



THE SHOCK LABYRINTH (2010) marked Japan’s first foray into the world of live-action 3-D feature films. The story follows a group of teenagers dealing with the disappearance of one of them, Yuki, at an amusement park’s ghost house. On a rainy day 10 years later, Yuki inexplicably returns. However, no sooner is she united with her former friends than she collapses, and the group rushes Yuki to a nearby hospital. But after checking in, they discover that things are not quite as they seem at the medical center. As the night wears on, the group sinks deeper and deeper into the events from a decade ago that led to Yuki’s disappearance.


About Well Go USA

Well Go USA, Inc. ( is a theatrical and home entertainment distribution company that specializes in bringing top content, including the best in Asian Cinema to North America. As a leader in independent film distribution, Well Go’s titles can be seen across a variety of formats and platforms including in theaters, on DVD, Blu-ray, digital (video-on-demand, electronic sell-through and streaming) and broadcast television through cable and satellite. Since 1994, Well Go has acquired and released over 2,000 titles worldwide. In 2005, Well Go expanded its distribution to North America where five to ten titles are released monthly. Well Go USA’s corporate headquarters are in Plano, TX with offices in Taiwan and China.

About Fortissimo Films

Fortissimo Films ( is an international film, television and home entertainment sales organization specializing in the production, presentation, promotion and distribution of unique, award winning and innovative feature films from independent film makers from all over the world.

RELEASES: Some Swedish sin from Impulse Pictures!


Impulse Pictures brings us some Swedish sinsationalism in the form of Christina Lindberg in her last starring role in the film WIDE OPEN. Below are the details of the dvd release, including a brief ploy synopsis. August is definitely going to be one hot month! Be sure to check back with Shu’s review and whether it is a film worth beating off to or just a one foreign hot mess!

Run Time: 102 Minutes In English Color
Widescreen Anamorphic 1.66:1 Region One Dolby Digital Mono

Director: Gustav Wiklund
Stars: Christina Lindberg, Solveig Andersson

Production year: 1975

Christina Lindberg and Solveig Andersson met before in the violent cult-classic Thriller: A Cruel Picture and Swedish Wildcats. They meet yet again in Wide Open, Lindberg’s last starring role in a feature film! Taxi driver Paul and his beautiful journalist girlfriend Marianne have a strained relationship. Things get crazy when Paul brings his drunken father back to their apartment. As tensions between the two lovebirds rise, they decide to chill out at a wild movie party and things go from bad to worse (for Marianne anyway) when they both wake up in bed together with Marianne’s sister, Beryl! Marianne leaves, so Paul decides to spend some time watching strippers and taking Beryl along for some nighttime fun. Everything is going great, until Beryl gets picked up by the evil Mr. X and things turn dangerous. A stolen mink coat, drugs, and violent sex games lead Paul and Beryl to confront Mr. X during the film’s perverse stag party climax!

Chock full of nudity and sex, Wide Open is a must for all fans of sexy Swedish sin-ema!

Bonus features include: Trailers, Interview with Christina Lindberg and Director Gustav Wiklund, Photo Gallery

SOURCE: Impulse Pictures

Get some METAL UP YOUR ASS in new Heavy Metal Movies book!

hmmovies-765x1024 copy

Just read on the book’s Facebook page that Chicago’s own Mike McPadden (Mr. Skin) is currently in the process of writing a book entitled HEAVY METAL MOVIES: The 666 Most Headbanging Films of All-Time From Anvil to Zardoz to be published by Bazillion Points Publishing, America’s “smallest but heaviest publisher”. Bazillion Points, based out of Brooklyn, NY was founded by Ian Christe, author of Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal (HarperCollins, 2003) and Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga (John Wiley & Sons, 2007). (I have read and own Sound of the Beast and highly recommend it for those that would like to bone up on their metal history!)

Author Mike McPadden (on the right)

As described on the book’s page, HEAVY METAL MOVIES will consist of reviews and “canonizes all known incidents of the heavy metal in the motion pictures”.

• Performance films
• Feature documentaries
• Occult rock-n-roll horror
• Headbanger characters
• Soundtrack standouts
• Namesake inspirations
• Lyrical references
• Aesthetic archetypes and more

Be sure to join HEAVY METAL MOVIES on Facebook!

Mike McPadden rocking his horror patches

I don’t know about you, but writing a book chronicling all incidences of Heavy Metal in the films has been long-overdue! There has always been an abundance of heavy metal references, musicians, and themes in films and in particular, in horror films. I think metal and horror are a perfect cacophony of blending a musical genre with a film genre. I am anxiously awaiting the release of this book. It will be another valued piece of film reference to add to my already growing collection of books and film criticism and reference. Thanks for embarking on this project of a very crucial nature and importance, Mike!

Mike McPadden is the head writer at In the 1990s, he published the glandmark sleaze-zine Happyland under the pen(is) name Selwyn Harris. Other gigs include Hustler, Celebrity Skin, and writing screenplays (both hard and softcore) for director Gregory Dark. Metal cred comes from manning rhythm guitar and mounting live nude sodomy circuses for Chicago psych-noise miscreants Gays in the Military throughout the 2000s.


Nightbeasts to premiere at Independent Film Quarterly Film Festival


Wes Sullivan, director, writer, and producer of the independent film Nightbeasts, starring Zach Galligan of Gremlins and Waxwork fame and a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma,  gave me this news update on his directorial debut. Wes Sullivan is well-known as an animator working on such well-known Disney animated films such as Aladdin, Tarzan, Pocahontas, and The Princess and the Frog but is now taking his talents to direct, write, and produce his first independent film in the genre of horror about a son and his father who go hunting in the woods and encounter a Sasquatch. I guess Sullivan got tired of working on children’s fair and decided to branch out to do something with a little more bite!

Nightbeasts Synopsis:

Charles Thomas (Zach Galligan) is a man desperately in need of a second act. Once upon a time, he had a successful lighting company that manufactured low voltage neon. Unfortunately, the company goes out of business, because of the inability of Charles’ business to compete in a new global marketplace. Bankruptcy follows and a drinking problem hounds Charles soon thereafter. More upsets occur when Charles loses his wife Patricia (Holly Wilson) due to the financial strains of the bankruptcy and the loss of the primary custody of Charles’ only son, Tim, is another devastating blow.

Now, Charles has been “clean” for several months and he has a great desire to reunite with his estranged son and to piece together the fragments of his life. Charles decides to take this suburban youth on a weekend hunting trip in the mountains, just like the trips his father used to take him on. Charles hopes that this will be a bonding experience and that the hike will repair some of the damage inflicted on their relationship due to the recent divorce. What neither Charles nor Tim realizes is that there are horrors of another kind waiting for them in the nearby woods.In the mountain community that Charles has decided to camp in, an ancient horror lurks! The legend of the Sasquatch surfaces from the darkness of the woods and both Charles and Tim must fight for their lives, or become victims to this horrific native curse.
-Source: IMDB

Nightbeasts has been selected to premiere the end of this month at the Independent Film Quarterly Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, Ca.

Nicholson’s BLEADING LADY coming to DVD March 29th!

January 13, 2010 – Philadelphia, PA — Breaking Glass Pictures will release cult horror director Ryan Nicholson’s latest film “Bleading Lady” on DVD March 29.  The gory slasher film, which tells of an obsessive, murderous chauffeur who’s assigned to drive his favorite actress on her latest film shoot, will be released under Breaking Glass’ Vicious Circle Films label.  Vicious Circle Films released Nicholson’s previous fan favorite “Hanger” earlier this year. (Look for our review on the site!)
Don is a chauffeur and a movie buff who takes his job seriously — very seriously.   When his latest assignment takes him to the set of a low-budget horror film, he’s overjoyed to learn he’ll be driving Riversa Red – his favorite B-movie “Scream Queen.”  While escorting his beloved idol, Don assumes the role of bodyguard and turns fiercely protective, especially after learning that Riversa has a stalker.  Hell-bent on protecting his queen and fueled by paranoid fantasies, Don’s usual temper tantrums go to fatal extremes.  Soon he proves to be not only Riversa’s biggest fan, but her worst nightmare as well.
“Bleading Lady” confirms Nicholson as the “king of cinematic sleaze” (Cinesploitation) and serves up plenty of blood-splattering gore, nudity, and dark humor.  As puts it: “Bleading Lady delivers the goods!”
Special features for the DVD will include:
·      “Behind the Wheel: The Making of ‘Bleading Lady’”
·      “Left Coast TV Presents: On the Set of ‘Bleading Lady’”
·      Eight deleted scenes
·      An alternate opening
·      Audio commentary with director Ryan Nicholson and star Dan Ellis.
In addition, Breaking Glass Pictures is featuring a sale at our official store in celebration of a successful first year.  Enter “FANS1” when checking out to receive $5 off our already discounted prices.

Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious Circle Films January Releases

Let Me Die Quietly:

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the January 4 DVD release of directors Mitchell Reichler and Brian Michael Finn’s neo-noir “Let Me Die Quietly.” The film follows a broken-down alcoholic who’s haunted by psychic visions of murder victims. When a chance meeting brings him into contact with a woman who has the same dark gift, both set out to save the victim of their shared visions.

Mario is a man who’s been tortured by visions of violent murders all his life. An encounter, a location, or even a touch can bring him the terrifying final sensations of a murder victim. Now, as his visions intensify, he senses his own impending death.

With an encroaching sense of tragedy, Mario sets out to save the life of the last victim in his final premonitions. Then, he has a chance encounter in an elevator with a beautiful woman, Gabrielle, who herself is psychic and seeing different aspects of the same murder. These two lost souls join forces in an attempt to stop a serial killer, but, in their quest, they may end up leading each other down a path of self-destruction.

Let Me Die Quietly” played at national film festivals and took home such accolades as Best Suspense Feature at the Indie Gathering Film Festival and Best Suspense Thriller at the New York Film and Video Festival.

Fright Flick:

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the January 25 DVD release of Israel Luna’s “Fright Flick.” The horror-comedy – which combines satire with over-the-top gore – arrives on the heels of Luna’s recent cult phenomenon “Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives” and will be released under Breaking Glass Pictures’ Vicious Circle Films label.

Luna shows audiences just how cut-throat show business can be in this bloody, outrageous horror-comedy that satirizes the filmmaking industry. When the air-headed leading lady of a B-grade fright flick turns up brutally murdered during the film shoot, the motley members of the cast and crew find themselves at the heart of a real-life whodunit — and with so many competing egos on set, everyone’s a suspect.

Featuring gay icon Chad Allen (Ice Blues, Hollywood, je t’aime) alongside an oddball cast of characters – from the eccentric director, to the bitter supporting actress, to the scheming production assistants – Fright Flick keeps the laughs and the screams rolling with a sinful combination of dark humor, suspense and comic-book-style gore.

The film played at film festivals across the country and took home such accolades as Best Actress for Allyn Carrell at the Horrific Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas, House Pick at the B-Movie Film Festival in Syracuse, New York, and Best Gore/Special FX at the Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Special features on the DVD will include a blooper reel, a behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes, and a photo gallery.