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SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Thrashing LICH KING interview!


For fans of thrash, this is your interview. The yet-to-be-signed Massachusetts thrash band LICH KING’s front-man TOM MARTIN granted SHU-IZMZ RADIO an interview. Not only is Tom the vocalist for the band, he also designed the logo for LK, as well as designed all the group’s album covers. The second half of the show (more…)




This week’s episode was a lot of fun, as each and every episode is! I talk to some of the coolest people on the planet because each and everyone I talk with is into movies and music. Show Download Link at bottom of the post

This week, I had the chance to talk with (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO’S Next Episode June 2nd!


Next episode of SHU-IZMZ RADIO on Core O F Destructionradio:

Interviews with Marc Heller about his Night Scares film series, so controversial that one movie theater buried the event in mischievously sinister tactics. Then I chat with director Dan Kinem about his upcoming documentary, Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector on VHS collecting & its culture. If that is not enough, I then talk with director Kyle Kuchta (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Pop Culture Meltdown May Episode

SHU crazy blonde

This colossal episode of SHU-IZMZ RADIO on CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO will blow your minds! Shu lets listeners learn of a fantastic new documentary on the culture of VHS collecting called ADJUST YOUR TRACKING (2013),  as well as play the entire TOY HUNTER panel at C2E2 with Jordan Hembrough. As always, be prepared to hear some (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Cinema Sewer’s ROBIN BOUGIE Interview

cinema sewer

cinema sewerFolks may have listened to my first interview I conducted with the extremely talented artist and immensely knowledgeable film buff at CINEMA SEWER, the one and only, Robin Bougie. Well. since the latest issue of Cinema Sewer was out and on sale, along with the companion piece portraying Robin’s sleazier side of things in Sleazy Slice, I thought it only fitting to (more…)



This year I decided to have on two of my favorite guests to celebrate the holidays with on the show: Amanda Norman-Dark Photographer and Bill Oberst, Jr.Horror icon and Actor. Amanda, calling in from the U.K., and Bill called in from the East Coast was a bit tricky with the various time zones (myself from the Midwest), but we managed to find some time to all chat about our favorite subject matter: Horror films. (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interviewing Author Bowie V. Ibarra


SHU-IZMZ RADIO had a chance to chat with San Antonio, Texas-based author Bowie Ibarra about his latest novel, thoughts on zombies, interest with semi-professional and professional wrestling, and why beer and bush are always a wonderful combination. With beers in hand, Bowie lets listeners know what plans he has for his website Bowie’s latest book, BIG CAT, comes up in the chat as well as some of his other projects such as (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interview with Author ROBERT ROSEN


Following  the review of BEAVER STREET: A HISTORY OF MODERN PORNOGRAPHY, I felt compelled to have a chat with the author, Robert Rosen, about his 16 dirty, dirty years working as a writer, editor, and…well…pornographer in the porn magazine industry. Readers of SHU-IZMZ know what affinity we have here for boobs, blood, and bush—while there isn’t really any blood in the porn-tastic memoir (not of the stabbing or slashing variety, anyhow!), all topics and subjects covered were extremely relevant for all parties interested.

Here is the download link for the interview, but I must warn you (more…)


flashback weekend

Hey folks,

In this episode of SHU-IZMZ RADIO on CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO I talk about all the craziness going on this month on the convention scene, as well as some upcoming events. I talk about some of the books I have been reading, movies I have been viewing, and some news. Also, the entire John Carpenter (HALLOWEEN, THE THING) Q&A from Flashback Weekend in Chicago, as well as the Q&A with Meg Foster (THEY LIVE, LORDS OF SALEM). (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interviewing the cast of PORTRAIT OF A ZOMBIE


shuizmz-talkradio595x595 Here is the download link for the interview with the cast of PORTRAIT OF A ZOMBIE, an Irish Indie zombie flick that has a great deal more depth than one’s average zombie flick! Director/Writer BING BAILEY, writer LAURA MORAND BAILEY, actors STEVEN NEESON and PAUL O’BRYAN and actresses DIANE JENNINGS and GERALDINE McALINDEN were on hand to talk about the making of the film and all the juicy details that went into the production. (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: THE BUNNY GAME’s Adam Rehmeier & Rodleen Getsic


Shu had a chance to talk with Director Adam Rehmeier and actress Rodleen Getsic about their latest film, THE BUNNY GAME, a controversial film about a prostitute that hitches a ride with a trucker who has more in mind than just giving her a lift. The Blu-ray comes out from Autonomy Pictures this month and I will be reviewing it here at SHU-IZMZ, as well as having a follow-up interview with Adam and Rodleen to talk about the film. (more…)


shuizmz talk radioShu and Bryan Layne talk about STREET TRASH, GOON, CABIN IN THE WOODS, and THE AVENGERS. Who is Bryan Layne, you ask? Well, aside from being a very good friend and fellow writer, Bryan writes for quite a few websites and publications, both in print form and on the internet such as FILMS IN REVIEW, , BOG-GOB Magazine, and Nashville Scene. Raised in Memphis,TN, lived in Nashville, TN, and now living in Marion County—the dude is one Southerner who knows his movies. I had the pleasure of having him on the show to pick his brain (instead of picking my nose, ass, and balls) one night. Listen to the interview and find out what movies are good, bad, and everything in between. But remember, don’t take our word for it because everyone has different tastes and we account for a very small percentage of the world population.





Why not celebrate MOTHER’S DAY by listening to Shu rant about LARPING and a very cool short horror film? Hell, none of this has to do with Mother’s Day, but it still may be entertaining. Once again, my allergies have gotten the best of me. My congestion may be worse than any other horror film out there so enjoy my disgusting sound effects. Seriously, if any of you guys out there think LARPing is hilarious (Live Action RolePlay), you will want to hear me talk about MONSTER CAMP, DARKON, and THE WILD HUNT. Also, a promising short horror film entitled HIKE (2010), as well as hear about upcoming interviews and guests such as DINA RAE (author of HALOS OF THE DAMNED), the director, writer, and producer of HIKE Jennifer Campbell, Bill Oberst, Jr. (NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS), and Maria Olsen (LORDS OF SALEM).


SHU-IZMZ RADIO Episode #6…6…6!


shuizmz-talkradio595x595The 6th episode is titled the EASTER EPISODE, only because this was the episode that I recorded and intended it to be aired on Easter Sunday. The episode has nothing to do with that silly holiday, but instead has to do with HORROR FILMS! That’s right, folks, I reviewed the new Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack release of HORROR EXPRESS put out by Severin Films. Hear what I have to say about the quality of the release, as well as the film itself. I also talk about the new Synapse release of INTRUDER, a slasher film that stars not only one Raimi, but two Raimi’s! Both Ted and Sam Raimi are in this film and the boys formerly of KNB EFX did the make-up and special effects. Here is the link to download the show. One can also tune in to COREOFDESTRUCTIONRADIO.COM to hear the show on Sundays. (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO on Core of Destruction Radio: Ep.3


shuizmz-talkradioThis week on SHU-IZMZ RADIO I review THE TAPES (2011), ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS (Chopped Version), and FAMILIAR (2012). This week’s show was sponsored in part by ZOMBIEBLOODFIGHTS.COM! Click the link below to listen or download the show. One can also listen to the show at CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO!


SHU-IZMZ RADIO on COD Radio Episode #2

Check out last week’s episode of SHU-IZMZ RADIO at Core of Destruction Radio!

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interview w/ Director Adam Barker (MIND OF THE DEMON)

Here is the mediafire link to the show:

Download this show before the link goes bad and starts rotting. A decaying link is never a good thing.


SHUiZMZ RADiOSo readers may or may not have heard that SHU-IZMZ RADIO is back. I will be airing live on Sundays at 12pmCST at


Here is the link to my latest show that you can download and listen on iTunes or whatever media tool you use. This episode talks about (more…)