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Bucket of BloodNot really being a big fan of my horror mixed with comedy (or comedy really in general), the black comedy horror film A BUCKET OF BLOOD is a film that really is an exception to the norm for me. The story of a dimwitted busboy, Walter Paisley (Dick Miller, GREMLINS ), who after hearing a poet speak during a spoken word at the beatnik cafe he works at decides to go home and sculpt his own masterpiece. While attempting to (more…)


funeral home five finger death

As a writer and fan of film (horror and cult movies in particular), I decided to get involved in making some trailers and work on some short horror films. As much fun as it is watching horror and other genre films, I want to experience working on them and seeing how much hard work and dedication goes in to them. I feel creating a horror film and trailer will give me some experience (more…)

REVIEW: ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS (1975)(Chopped Version)

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This review was brought to you by the sponsorship of the folks over at ZOMBIEBLOODFIGHTS.COM.

One of my major pet peeves is the releasing of a film that is notorious for nudity, sex, violence, and gore—and releasing it cut and chopped to pieces, removing the nastiest of the aforementioned characteristics that gave the particular film its notoriety. Today, the Koreans have royally pissed me off in releasing an 87 min. version of ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS, the Korean Import version, where 9 minutes has been removed from the film. Generally, all scenes showing below the waist frontal nudity has been completely cut out. If anyone has read my posts they will realize that I am a fan and connoisseur of women who choose to leave their pelvic regions unshaven. I am a fan of “the bush”. If I were to choose an era of porn films to watch, the ’70s would be my predilection. (more…)