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dahmer-vs-gacyI generally can find some positive things to say about a movie I did not particularly care for. I might like the gratuitous nudity and one particular naked woman may be the films’ only saving grace, or there might be one really funny scene or a super disgusting and gory kill that wins me over, but I will definitely let readers know that a majority of the film sucked big balls. I finally found a film that I liked NOTHING about and I increasingly became angrier and angrier that I had to sit through this pile of cinematic bullshit.

DAHMER VS. GACY only succeeded in annoying me on such a colossal level that as heinous as the crimes both serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy committed, no punishment could be more severe than these filmmakers making this film using their names, likeness, and crime details in a low-budget stinker that is supposed to generate laughs, but for me just generated utter nausea and discomfort. (more…)