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SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Upcoming episode airing AUGUST 17, 2014!


Airing 6amCST * 7amEST * 5amMST * 4amPST * 12pmBST on Sunday August 17th at CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO, the newest show features interviews with (more…)




The title of this post has absolutely nothing really to do with the episode, except for the fact that (more…)




This week’s episode was a lot of fun, as each and every episode is! I talk to some of the coolest people on the planet because each and everyone I talk with is into movies and music. Show Download Link at bottom of the post

This week, I had the chance to talk with (more…)



What better way to spend a day some call the day of rest, but most of us pagans and non-church attending atheists like to spend it hanging around the house and relaxing. Those that have to work, I guess you will have to use your smart phones to listen to SHU-IZMZ RADIO (or SZ for short) at CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO (or CODR for short) via this mobile app: SHOUTCAST.

If anyone was wondering who the new (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Indie Doc Interview Overload


June is here and what a wonderful time to share with readers the news of summer and what horror and exploitation festivals and programming at local theaters is taking place, as well as the seemingly endless controversy and bad rap that horror gets in some movie theaters in Chicago. Also on the show’s agenda is some interviews with some very talented and young filmmakers making some unique documentaries on VHS collecting and its culture and another doc on horror conventions and its culture. (more…)



Here is the trailer for the Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s release of WILLOW on Blu-ray. For the first time ever, WILLOW arrives on Blu-ray March 12th. Enjoy the trailer and I hope the disc is loaded with special features. Oh wait, IT IS! Here are the (more…)


leaf blower massacre

leaf blower massacreAnthony Cooney, the director of the independent horror short LEAF BLOWER MASSACRE (trailer seen HERE), took some time out of his day to come to the SHU-IZMZ compound to get interviewed by yours truly, Shu. Not only did we talk about his upcoming films’ release and screenings at various film festivals in and around Chicago, but we also (more…)



If one hasn’t heard, SHU-IZMZ is the website to get honest reviews of films on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, Laserdisc, BETA, and all formats of film. There is no pressure from sponsors because there aren’t any. Distributors don’t have a say in what SHU reviews and when he reviews it. SHU-IZMZ gives readers the real deal and explains why a film is good or bad, not just trashing it with no explanation why. Want your film reviewed? Contact SHU-IZMZ at and send it over to SHU-IZMZ. SHU will review it and if he likes it, readers will know he REALLY likes it. The purpose of the website is (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interview with James Lorinz and Robin Bougie


It seems I forgot to post these awesome interviews up I did a while back on SHU-IZMZ RADIO on CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO. Thanks goes out to a friend whom tried looking for both of the interviews on my website and failed to find them. In fact, I could not find them either. Well, I guess shit happens from time to time. So here are both of the interviews in one easily downloaded link that is located at the very bottom of the post. The first interview is with an actor whom I have long enjoyed watching in one of my favorite horror/exploitation films (more…)

SHU-IZMZ RADIO: Interview with Author ROBERT ROSEN


Following  the review of BEAVER STREET: A HISTORY OF MODERN PORNOGRAPHY, I felt compelled to have a chat with the author, Robert Rosen, about his 16 dirty, dirty years working as a writer, editor, and…well…pornographer in the porn magazine industry. Readers of SHU-IZMZ know what affinity we have here for boobs, blood, and bush—while there isn’t really any blood in the porn-tastic memoir (not of the stabbing or slashing variety, anyhow!), all topics and subjects covered were extremely relevant for all parties interested.

Here is the download link for the interview, but I must warn you (more…)


shuizmz talk radioShu and Bryan Layne talk about STREET TRASH, GOON, CABIN IN THE WOODS, and THE AVENGERS. Who is Bryan Layne, you ask? Well, aside from being a very good friend and fellow writer, Bryan writes for quite a few websites and publications, both in print form and on the internet such as FILMS IN REVIEW, , BOG-GOB Magazine, and Nashville Scene. Raised in Memphis,TN, lived in Nashville, TN, and now living in Marion County—the dude is one Southerner who knows his movies. I had the pleasure of having him on the show to pick his brain (instead of picking my nose, ass, and balls) one night. Listen to the interview and find out what movies are good, bad, and everything in between. But remember, don’t take our word for it because everyone has different tastes and we account for a very small percentage of the world population.





Why not celebrate MOTHER’S DAY by listening to Shu rant about LARPING and a very cool short horror film? Hell, none of this has to do with Mother’s Day, but it still may be entertaining. Once again, my allergies have gotten the best of me. My congestion may be worse than any other horror film out there so enjoy my disgusting sound effects. Seriously, if any of you guys out there think LARPing is hilarious (Live Action RolePlay), you will want to hear me talk about MONSTER CAMP, DARKON, and THE WILD HUNT. Also, a promising short horror film entitled HIKE (2010), as well as hear about upcoming interviews and guests such as DINA RAE (author of HALOS OF THE DAMNED), the director, writer, and producer of HIKE Jennifer Campbell, Bill Oberst, Jr. (NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS), and Maria Olsen (LORDS OF SALEM).


SHU-IZMZ RADIO #10: Interview w/ the U.K.’s AMANDA NORMAN!


MandyOne of my good friends from the U.K. is Amanda Norman, dark photographer and jewelry artist! Amanda has been on SHU-IZMZ RADIO before in the past and has always been fun to talk to about horror, music, and things that go bump in the night! On this episode we talk about Amanda’s new jewelry line she has and is selling online, as well as how her photography has been going, her Gothic and Horror Daily, and what films she has seen that she recommends. Don’t forget to check out Amanda’s Blog, too! Anything goes on SHU-IZMZ RADIO!

amanda norman

Click here to listen and download: SHU-IZMZ RADIO Ep. 10!



SHU-IZMZ RADIO Episode #6…6…6!


shuizmz-talkradio595x595The 6th episode is titled the EASTER EPISODE, only because this was the episode that I recorded and intended it to be aired on Easter Sunday. The episode has nothing to do with that silly holiday, but instead has to do with HORROR FILMS! That’s right, folks, I reviewed the new Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack release of HORROR EXPRESS put out by Severin Films. Hear what I have to say about the quality of the release, as well as the film itself. I also talk about the new Synapse release of INTRUDER, a slasher film that stars not only one Raimi, but two Raimi’s! Both Ted and Sam Raimi are in this film and the boys formerly of KNB EFX did the make-up and special effects. Here is the link to download the show. One can also tune in to COREOFDESTRUCTIONRADIO.COM to hear the show on Sundays. (more…)

The HARD-ON for HARDWARE Blu-Ray contest!

This can be yours!!!!!

This can be yours!!!!!

Nothing is free in life, except for this Blu-ray disc of HARDWARE I am giving away that SEVERIN FILMS was so gracious enough to donate to SHU-IZMZ! So, in my brainstorming for ideas to come up with to make this contest visually, intellectually, and sexually stimulating to me and the boys and gals at Severin, I decided to come up with two levels of personally gratifying goals to be achieved for this freebie. I am a big fan of Top Ten lists. It may be because I spent my youth sneaking up late at night to watch David Letterman on the Letterman Show doing the Top 10 Lists every weeknight, or the fact that I always created a list, a want list of sorts, whenever there was something I wanted to buy but never had enough money to purchase it with. One can say, that I had a large collection of spiral notebooks with lists upon lists of horror and cult films, magazines, comic books, porn titles, skin mags, anime mags, anime series, action figures, vinyl and cassette tapes, and books on film, horror, true crime, and sci-fi that I wanted. I wish I still had most of these lists to look over and laugh at, because if anyone found them, specifically law enforcement, they would think they were written by Kemper or Bundy because I was (and still am) into some pretty twisted and sick shit….which just amounts to anything cool, in my book (or spiral notebook).

So, here, finally are the contest rules. I want a Top Ten List of your favorite movies that have a robot in it, and one robot you think is sexy (for whatever reasons) and why. Then, head over to SEVERIN FILMS (<—-yeah, that is linked to their website) and pick a film they have distributed that you really dug! It is pretty simple. There are tons of movies out there that have robots in them and there are a bunch of solid films that Severin has released over the years. SO, yeah, I lied. There are a FEW things one must do to win this contest. Terminator films, Short Circuit, Chopping Mall, I, Robot, RoboCop, HARDWARE, etc…In fact, Androids can count, too. Any film that has a robot, android, or robotic components in something built to perform tasks is fair game.

Email your entries to Have your list, your pick for sexy robot, name, postal address, and I will assume you are already a fan of SHU-IZMZ on Facebook (shuizmz), following on Twitter (@shuizmz), and I, Shu, have a Google + account, too. One can add me on that, too, because there will be some cool shit posted up there from time to time. It is not mandatory that you at least PRETEND to follow me and like the site on Facebook and Twitter, but it just may be a deciding factor if there is a tie between two epic entries.

The contest will end September 15th. (I neglected to mention this initially, so get your entries in. Overall deciding factor is whose submission was the most well-thought out and looked as though some time was spent on it.)

For those of you who decide to enter this contest of sorts, GOOD LUCK!

REVIEW: ADUA AND HER FRIENDS (adua e le compagne) (1960)

Piero (Marcello Mastroianni) chatting with the ladies

RaroVideo U.S. has released a film that I had never heard of, stars European film icons Marcello Mastroianni and Simone Signoret, but I was really mesmerized by the bosomy and curvy Sandra Milo. Adua and her Friends is the story of four prostitutes who are forced to fend for themselves after Rome closes down all the bordellos because of a new law. The girls, led by Adua Giovannetti, all pool their earnings from the bordello and go in on a business venture that they believe will be profitable. They are going to open up a restaurant and lead a respectable life all sharing ownership in their very own trattoria. Upon trying to obtain a license at the bank, they are denied once a background check reveals that some, if not all, of them have been arrested and labeled as prostitutes. I do not know much about Italy in the early ’60s, but I can guess that being a prostitute holds some ill-conceived status for a woman. The bank does not want to loan the women money, probably thinking they will not pay them back or just use the money to start up the ol’ whore business once again.

The girls seek the help of a “fixer” of sorts who has wealth and a good deal of power, as well as a seemingly respectable name and face in the community. This “fixer” agrees to obtain the business license but only on the condition that the girls start up their old business upstairs in their bedrooms once the restaurant gets some customers and operates as a restaurant in the eyes of the community. The girls also have to pay him an exorbitant amount of money each month, seemingly back in the same predicament of working for someone else and always being in debt to someone else.

I watched the film going in blind, not knowing anything about it, nor who was in it or directed it. My knowledge and understanding of Italian Cinema (outside of Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Ruggero Deodato, and Mario and Lamberto Bava) is fairly limited. I just never got around to watching many of the revered films from Fellini and usually only had my interest piqued if it was a giallo or had some gore or arterial sprays of blood within. I guess I was really missing out on a lot of incredible films and genuinely good cinema.

Lolita (Sandra Milo) showing off those curves in every scene

The story and well-developed characters within the film really make Adua and her Friends a highly enjoyable film. The characters are full of life, spunk, and passion. Adua, the older of the bunch whose days as a street walker may be numbered because of her age and dissipating looks, was played perfectly by actress Simone Signoret. Back in the day, Signoret was quite a breath-taking sight. Most viewers may have seen her in Clouzot’s Diabolique (1955), a film hailed as a masterpiece and available via the Criterion Collection, but in Adua, she has aged a few years and is definitely worth watching for her acting skills and not her once radiant beauty. For a pretty face and hips to match, just watch Sandra Milo, whose healthy rump and buxom chest I can envision being the subject of a very steamy and naughty adult film. I guess I just have something for sultry brunettes that know how to use their curves, especially when the characters whom they are portraying are well, women who are adept at using their curves.

Personally, I have a thing for foreign films. The scenery of their locations and the culture and social norms always seem to intrigue me when watching a film that was made outside of the United States- starring a foreign cast and crew. Now, I am not talking about a film that was just filmed in Yugoslavia and stars an American cast with a few extras from the locale littered about the film here and there. I am talking about a film that written with the intent of portraying a social setting, view, and plot that revolves around a particular country or area within the location of the film. I think that Adua and her Friends told me a great deal about Italy during the early ’60s, as well as the social ramifications that being an independent woman in Italy were, as well as the stigma that a prostitute trying to change to earn a respectable living had and, also, had to overcome.

Adua (Simone Signoret) and Lolita (Sandra Milo) serving a new dish

I read in the press release that director Antonio Pietrangeli has been called “one of the most talented members of the Italian neo-realism movement. To be honest, I had, and still have no idea what the hell the Italian neo-realism movement is or what it consists of, so I looked it up. Neo-realism: a movement, especially in Italian filmmaking, characterized by the simple direct depiction of lower-class life. It seems to me that the prostitutes are the lower-class life being depicted in the film. I also am discovering that “lower-class life” is far more interesting and “real” to watch than upper class or middle class life. I see the lower-class life as being stories revolving around prostitutes, drug dealers, thieves, and assorted criminals. One might also add a hobo with a shotgun, poor rapists, destitute street kids (like in Spheeris’ Suburbia), or a number of films directed by Larry Clark (such as Kids and Wassup Rockers). Ok, so the films I mentioned are neither Italian and quite possibly have absolutely nothing at all to do with Neo-realism, but I believe them (minus films such as Hobo With A Shotgun) to portray realistic portrayals of everyday life-such as Adua and her Friends does.

Each of the four women, Adua (Simone Signoret), Lolita (Sandra Milo), Marilina (Emannuelle Riva), Catarina a.k.a.Milly (Gina Rovere) all possess very strong and independent personalities, but each with an emotional hang-up of sorts. Their personalities and strong-willingness make the characters very realistic and enjoyable to watch, but at the same time give the viewer a sense of understanding and compassion for what the characters are going through in their lives. Whether it is raising a child alone, having bad luck with men, or being viewed as nothing more than a sex symbol and only knowing how to act as such-these women all would like to shed their torrid past and make a new life for themselves. Adua and her Friends paints a vivid picture of this basic underlying theme of feminism. I think that after watching Adua and her Friends I begin to see that the film is a very beautifully shot and directed film on feminism and its relationship to women in 1960.

Piero (Marcello Mastroianni) meets the new neighbors

RaroVideo has released a piece of Italian Art Cinema that has not been available on dvd ever before (although IMDb does have a U.S. Distributor down, but I can’t count on two hands how many times IMDb has been wrong before), but I probably can safely say that no distributor has paid as much attention to the quality of the print and transfer to dvd, as well as all the perks and extras included on the disc.

Features on the disc include:

A newly restored digital HD transfer from the 35mm negative
An introduction by Italian film historian Maurizio Poro
An episode from the film, Amori di Mezzo Secolo, entitled Girandola 1910
Director biography and filmography
Photo gallery
A fully illustrated booklet including critical analysis of the film
Digitally restored and remastered
New and improved English subtitle translation

This is one of my first reviews of a film released from RaroVideo, and I am hoping to bring readers more reviews from this company because they know the meaning of “special features”. I am sure that if Pietrangeli was alive and breathing, RaroVideo would have gotten him to do a running commentary on the film, if not just a lengthy interview. The film looked pristine on my television and I am looking forward to having my eyes opened to a whole new world of film that until today, I was not privy to. I don’t enjoy a large amount of art films, but here was a film whose focus was as much on the art aspect as it was on the story and social/political commentary it was making for women of the 1960’s in Italy.

SHU-IZMZ gets interviewed by!

One of my fan-fashioned pics Bowie used for the interview pics!

If anyone has been reading SHU-IZMZ for awhile, or even a short time, they may have caught on that I am obsessed with film, and horror films, in particular. I love watching them and writing about them. Hell, I can have a lengthy discussion talking about movies all fucking day if the occasion arose. Well, apparently someone out there also shares a passion for movies and horror films and recognized mine and decided to interview me (Shu) about horror films, the beloved city he lives in, and his hangouts and day job. It was a really cool interview and I had a chance to answer some questions that are not normally asked of me. I got a chance to get personal with Bowie Ibarra and his readers at I am writing up this post because if one is not friends with me, Bryan Schuessler, on Facebook than one may not have seen this link posted. I am going to repost the link on twitter (@shuizmz) as well as some other social networking sites. Bowie is an avid reader of SHU-IZMZ and I can’t thank him enough for interviewing me. Bowie is not only a huge fan of horror films, but also an author. He lives down in Texas and is fortunate to be able to frequent the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, TX. This theater is probably the only desire I would have to visit Texas for. So head over to or just click this LINK to read my interview.