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PLAY WITH DOLLS: HAVOC is the third film in this slasher series, developed by director Rene Perez (THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED) and the production house of Von Metz Entertainment. The third film find’s (more…)



I tossed in a dvd, snagged from an ever-growing tall pile of dvds and blu-rays sent to SHU-IZMZ for reviewing purposes. It seems like the pile never gets any shorter and no matter how many films I review from this pile, they just keep stacking up. Randomly, I grabbed a dvd with a title that sort of, ironically, grabbed me: PIGGY. (more…)

REVIEW: ROOM 237 (2013)


A statement on the genocide of Native Americans in the United States by European ancestors? An allegory for the Holocaust? Stanley Kubrick’s hidden confession for staging the moon landing? What really was going on in THE SHINING, a film that was adapted from a Stephen King best-selling novel? Was there really anything going on? Is ROOM 237, a documentary that was an official selection at Sundance, Cannes, and New York Film Festivals, all just a bunch of conspiracy theories voiced in a 102 minute film?

I can’t really say for sure that (more…)



My-Amityville-HorrorThe haunting of the Lutz family in Amityville, NY in 1975 has fascinated movie audiences for over 35 years. IFC Midnight’s unnerving and revealing new documentary MY AMITYVILLE HORROR is Daniel Lutz’s firsthand account of the haunting he believes terrorized his family the year they moved into the infamous house on 112 Ocean Avenue.

IFC FILMS is going to be releasing MY AMITYVILLE HORROR in select theaters (more…)

Black Death getting the Simon Bisley art treatment

Simon Bisley's bitchin' artwork

The U.K.’s Chris Smith, director of Severance, Creep, and Triangle comes back at us with Black Death, a film taking place during 1349 at the beginning of the Bubonic Plague outbreak in England and starring Sean Bean. A young monk is given the burden and job of finding out the truth behind the many reports of people being brought back to life. The plot sounds like a something H.P. Lovecraft originally wrote and Stuart Gordon capitalized on with reworking the story into Re-Animator. One would imagine the film to have great potential, but since it has been released early as a VOD, I am skeptical. It can be hit or miss with these “soft openings” of films. Toby Wilkins’ Splinter and Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train were both given the same treatment, never having a full theatrical release and this particular horror film-freak finds both those films to be superior entries in the horror genre. One never can tell, though. Unfortunately, this poor bloke does not have a fancy cable television package so I don’t get any of the movie channels nor any of the On-Demand features available to digital cable subscribers. I cannot really make too many comments on a film that I will not be seeing until its official release to DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

Simon Bisley's 2nd poster

Frankly, I just want to find out where I can get the rad Simon Bisley one-sheets that seem to be getting much more attention than the actual movie itself! Bisley, having always been a favorite comicbook artist of mine because he did a lot of artwork for one of my all-time favorite anti-heroes, what some would consider a villain of sorts, in the character Lobo. Bisley also has showcased his incredible talent in the pages of Heavy Metal magazine, creating some of the most glorious covers to ever grace the magazine (not forgetting the awesome art work that Vallejo always did).

Severance was a film that I really enjoyed, a nice blend of gore, black humor, and horror. I have not seen Triangle or Creep, so only have Severance to take a stab at as to how his latest film will be. I am hoping for the best but one never can tell. Right now, just enjoy the killer posters that look like they should be gracing the cover of a Viking Metal or Black Metal album and not a horror movie’s one-sheet. Check out the red band trailer HERE: