SOTFF (700)Awhile back (very long while back) I had director Kyle Kuchta on the SHU-IZMZ RADIO Podcast to talk about an upcoming film documentary he was making

FANTASM. Here is the LINK to the trailer posted. I never got a chance to see the film, somehow was out of the loop to get a review copy, and for whatever other reasons, still have yet to see that film. Well, shit happens. Anyways, gotta still support indie film and I love documentaries that explore all the cool weird and wonderful cult films out there. In fact, I just got done reading Michael Weldon’s 3rd Edition of The Psychotronic Film Encyclopedia—all 800+ pages of it! Filled with loads of cinematic cult movie gems! Well, Kuchta is at it again co-directing with Bill Fulkerson (who himself appeared in FANTASM, as well as ANARCHY IN THE U.K.: THE NEW UNDERGROUND CINEMA). Fulkerson also is most known for hosting the podcast Outside the Cinema, which has nearly 500 episodes under its belt. Pretty impressive, indeed.

Some other notable names involved with the project and interviewed are Ted Raimi (INTRUDER), Greydon Clark (SKINHEADS), and Adam Green (HATCHET). The documentary “explores how technology continues to change how we define “cult” films….” and “this documentary that is both an ode to and an exploration of cinema fandom.”

Director Bill Fulkerson goes on to say about the film, “I’ve been a lover of weird and wonderful cinema since I was a kid, and how we view and acquire these films continues to evolve. With this documentary we hope to show the past and future so that we never lose these hidden gems.”

Co-director Kyle Kuchta (FANTASM) weighs in on things with his perspective:

Cult isn’t a genre, it’s a mentality. These films have legacies and followings that now everyone can be a part of because of the Internet. Film Freaks looks to delve in to what ‘cult’ means in an age where everything is available at the click of a button.

Also involved with the film is Film Threat’s  Chris Gore, William Sachs (GALAXINA), and Lloyd Kaufman of Tromaand that is just a few names. As you read this, they are “finishing up the remaining interviews and will be moving into post-production this summer“.



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