The Walking Dead creep into C2E2!


C2E2 LogoAnyone that knows about SHU-IZMZ knows that as much as the website loves twisted films, metal, and the three B’s (Bush, Boobs, and Blood), the site also has a great fondness and respect for comicbooks and the geek culture of comicbooks. Hell, horror conventions (which I love going to!) has just as many geeks involved with the scene as those involved with comicbooks does. I am not saying that as a bad thing, but more of a title to be revered. A geek of any sorts is so immersed into something that they neither notice nor care that they may have lost all touch with the rest of civilization who is not aware of the awesome comicbook, film, or subject of interest that they are specifically into. Hell, I call geeks the elite of the horror, comicbook, sci-fi, and metalheadz. A geek is a term of endowment and envy. If someone calls me a geek about horror, porn, or metal—I say thank you because that means that they think I am some sort of expert or nerd about knowing quite a bit about the subject I am geeking over. This brings me to my coverage of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo that occurred this past weekend over at the mammoth McCormick Place building in the South Loop.

The C2E2 is a comicbook convention that has not been around too long, this is only its 3rd year, but from what I have heard from friends and fans it is quickly becoming a very popular convention in Chicago. I also was tickled pink to have gotten a weekend press pass and able to attend the convention with my photographer/videographer to record Q&A’s and take snapshots of stars and fans alike. For me though, I was just happy to be able to use the money I had intended to save up for admission to the Con on other things, such as autographs, wrestling bootlegs, pervy comicbooks, and overpriced food.

In the past, I have been to the Chicago Comic Con and Wizard World, both conventions that I don’t remember having nearly as much fun as I did at this convention, mostly because I got in with a press pass and actually attended some Q&A’s that were highly entertaining and fun to be present during. I got to meet quite a few celebrities that I always wanted see in person and hear speak about their films: John Cusack and Val Kilmer. In fact, I was able to record both Q&A’s in their entirety and will be posting a link for readers to download and listen to (check the site within the next couple of days for that link and be sure to tune in to SHU-IZMZ RADIO on Sundays, too!).

Cohan and YeunFor fans of THE WALKING DEAD series on AMC, actors Steven Yuen (Glen) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) participated in an hour-long Q&A that was hosted and sort of moderated (fans attending the Q&A had a chance to run up to two different mics and ask whatever questions were on their minds, some of which had better been left unspoken in public) by a dude whom I had never seen nor heard of before (which may not be saying too much!). Sadly, I did not have cable television for the past year, or internet, and had a hard time watching Season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD (and no one pirated it off the internet and gave it to me) so I basically sat through that Q&A hoping to forget most of the plot points, or at least try to be surprised when they occur when I finally get to watching it. As for the Q&A, I was amused.


Lauren Cohan is a pretty attractive Brit’ and Yeun is quite the funnyman. The two had quite a bit of chemistry and it looked like they were having a lot of fun sitting on the panel and answering questions from the moderator, as well as from insane Chicago Walking Dead geeks. Some of the people that went up to ask their question had some specific things to inquire about, others seemed to have an ulterior motive, like asking about getting into actor unions or how this aspect of the acting business or casting calls worked. I just felt somewhat awkward sitting in the audience when some of these fans asked some pretty ridiculous or “forced questions”. I call them forced because I think some of the people just wanted to be able to talk to them and be able to say so, but not really having a valid question of any sort of originality. I will have much more to say on this when I get to the John Cusack Q&A, being a bit more of an A-Hole with my comments.



As for the attendance in the Walking Dead panel, it was completely packed and it was held at the IGN Theater, a damn big theater and nice stage set up with a huge high-definition screen so that even those all the way in the back with crappy seats could still see the guests clearly. I liked the sound best in this theater, too. I recorded the interviews with my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder and I had no mic attachment (because I am poor and not super technically savvy!) but it still got decent sound.

Another aspect to C2E2 that was awesome was that they did not seat those who didn’t have V.I.P. Press badges towards the back half of the room. There were 5 or 6 rows “reserved”, but the organizers just let anyone sit in any seat starting with the 3rd row, allowing for a great many superb seats to be open to whomever got their first. They also did not clear out the theater after the prior guest’s Q&A happened so those that wanted to stay for the next one could stay in their seats and not wait outside in line again for a particular guest. This made things pretty easy and hassle-free for conventioneers.


I hope readers enjoy the pics I posted, as well as the audio files. For those that did not make the Walking Dead panel, or didn’t go to the convention all together, enjoy the panel without actually being there from my recordings. I also hope there was not too much of a distraction from my laughter or comments made throughout the recording. I believe I kept them to a minimum.







Here are some more photos taken during the Q&A by my photographer, Stephanie Reyes (of Reyes Photography). Some of the pics may have been taken by yours truly, which probably are the bad pics of the bunch!

Yeun and Cohan 1

There was very good chemistry between the two actors

crowd shot

shot of the crowd during the Walking Dead panel

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