TRAILER: BORDERLINE (Official Trailer 2017)

Borderline-Movie-Poster-Pau-MasoCheck out the official trailer for the Spanish film BORDERLINE (2017), directed by director/actor Pau Masó (BLOODY WEEKEND, THE ART OF LOSING) and starring the beautiful

Paula Ortiz and Mireia Vallès.

Official synopsis: On the tenth year anniversary of their mother’s death, two estranged sisters head to the mountains, to scatter her ashes. But, as they struggle to reconcile, their past begins merging into their present, causing them both to become increasingly more paranoid.















Director: Pau Masó

Writers: Dolors Coromina, Pau Masó.

Cast: Paula Ortiz, Mireia Vallès, Txema Lorente, Jordia Pujolras, Iona Castanyer and Mariangels Punyet.

The film’s fan page:


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