French Blood 1I have been anxiously awaiting for this film, FRENCH BLOOD, to find some distribution in the United States. I would love to buy it, sight unseen! I know I will enjoy it and after reading

a review referencing a scene in which the violence was along the lines of something Nicolas Winding Refn would only approve of *, I know I will dig the movie.


Marco is a skinhead, tried and true. With his buddies, Braguette, Grand-Guy, and Marvin, he beats up Arabs and sticks up posters of far right political parties.
Until the moment that he suddenly feels, in spite of himself, all this hatred desert him.
But how do you get rid of the violence, anger, and stupidity inside of you?

It’s the story of a son of a bitch who attempts to become someone decent.


Director: Diasteme

Cast: Alban Lenoir, Samuel Jouy, Paul Hamy, Olivier Chenille, Jeanne Rosa, Patrick Pineau, Lucie Debay

Release Date in the United States: TBA 0r WFK (Who Fucking Knows?!?!)


Source: uniFrance




*”when accosted by a “redskin” (left-wing skinhead) in the street, beats his assailant to a pulp and nearly cuts him in half with a meat cleaver. Perhaps only Nicolas Winding Refn would approve“- Source: The Hollywood Reporter, reviewed by Jordan Mintzer on 6-10-2015.

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