PK1In the tradition of movies and franchises centered around murderous rampaging dolls and puppets, I bring you: PUPPET KILLER. This film “centers around a group of high school students

who are stalked by a psychotic killer obsessed with horror movie icons during Christmas vacation”. Upon viewing the red band trailer (see below), I recommend this indie horror feature to be for fans of slasher films such as CHILD’S PLAY and/or any “cabin in the woods”-type deal with victims plucked off one-by-one like in the earlier PUPPET MASTER franchise films from indie-maestro Charles Band and Full Moon Pictures. Maybe a bit reminiscent of the LEPRECHAUN franchise and any of the MUPPETS flicks. Before thou cast judgement (if one already is), just remember the premise for all those aforementioned movies and how ridiculous they sounded at the time (and maybe still do) and how many sequels went on to be created and did pretty damn well at the box office or on the home video/VOD/Streaming circuit. I guess people, horror fans more specifically, dig it when movies portray puppets and dolls killing off people. It never gets old.

Puppet Killer Promo shot 2I will go on the record as saying the puppet in this movie just reminded me of Elmo from Sesame Street and wonder if this was intentional from the filmmakers or randomly coincidental. Either way, Elmo kind of always has annoyed me so I like the fact that a slasher film has a likeness of him (if only that likeness being that they both are furry and a similar shade of color) and the puppet is killing high school kids that look to be well in their 30’s, but that is like with every slasher film I have seen. Characters’ in horror films always have at least 10 years added on to their actual age by the actual actor portraying them. Wasn’t Luke Perry like almost 40 years old when he was cast as a high school kid in BEVERLY HILLS, 90210?? At least now in RIVERDALE he is portraying a father…who still looks like he did when he portrayed a high school kid. Shit, that dude is aging incredibly well. Anyways…

Lisa Ovies and Simon from Puppet KillerPUPPET KILLER is directed by Canadian Lisa Ovies (32 DAYS), who also portrays Lisa in the film and shares a producer and story credit. Also sharing a producer credit (with 13 others) is “Scream Queen” Jessica Cameron (TRUTH OR DARE), who since 2008 has starred in close to 75 films, as well as producing and directing 68 episdoes of the reality-t.v. show the SCREAM QUEEN STREAM (2016-2017), so hopefully her expertise in acting, as well as producing and directing, will be coming in to play here on this slasher film.

Under Ovies’ direction will be the ruggedly tall and big giant Aleks Paunovic (WAR OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, VAN HELSING, iZOMBIE), emo-ish Richard Harmon (THE 100, BATES MOTEL), Lee Majdoub (SUPERNATURAL), lovely Lisa Durupt (MURDER SHE, BAKED), Kyle Cassie (DEADPOOL) and the beautiful Mexico City, Mexico-born director Gigi Saul Guerrero (EL GIGANTEBARBAROUS MEXICO), among others with some acting chops. I have to say that upon initial viewing of the trailer, the film looked pretty solid and the acting a par above the line usually set for indie horror flicks. I do think the film has some potential and am hoping it delivers some blood and gore, maybe some sexy scenes thrown in there from the looks of the attractive cast. If it wants a slasher tag attached to it, lets get some sex and nudity thrown in with the blood and gore, rounding out the film. There is nothing more I hate than a slasher film that does not deliver at least one of the major components integral to the film honoring the genre: Blood or Boobs! Give me one!

Puppet Killer Promo shot 1Daren Leader, better known as his stage name Stix Zadinia in the epic glam metal band STEEL PANTHER, is exclusively writing some tracks for the film. That is pretty fucking epic! Here is what he had to say about working on the project:

I jumped at the chance to work with Lisa. She is incredibly talented and she just knows
how to make a killer movie! PUPPET KILLER is a great homage to the movies I grew up on
and it is an honor to be a part of it.

If having some original tracks from Steel Panther’s drummer is not enough, the post production team has the award nominated composer, Stephen Gallagher, in its corner. Stephen Gallagher is most known for his work on THE HOBBIT franchise, THE LOVELY BONES, and DISTRICT 9. Some comments from Gallagher on working with Lisa Ovies:

Lisa and her team have created a fantastically compelling film. I am extremely excited
to be collaborating with her in creating the soundtrack to PUPPET KILLER. It will be great!
Well…it better be….Simon threatened to hunt me down if it was not up to his own high

Lisa Ovies and Jessica CameronThe director herself weighs in on her feelings towards her film:

I can’t wait to share this film with the world. We were excited about it before as our cast
is so amazing and the film was such a passion project, but the calibre of people that have
jumped on board to finish it is unbelievable. Working with Stephen on the score and with
Darren to write original songs is insane. They are so crazy talented and having their
marks on our film is fucking awesome. And obviously bringing the passion and energy of
Jessica has been a true gift. The entire team has worked so hard to get here and I could
not be happier to be working with them all to get this film out to the world.


PUPPET KILLER should be expected to hit the film festival circuit early 2018.

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