Ed Gein FileChicago’s very own indie filmmaker John Borowski is the first and last name in true crime research and an authority on all things having to do with

murder and the macabre. Having known of Mr. Borowski and having first met him at the Portage Theater in Chicago back in 2009 when the theater still was hosting horror festivals and I picked up his first book, chatted with him and he told me he was working on some documentaries about various serial killers. Now almost 9 years later, Borowski has expanded his repertoire of two books to three with the latest on the infamous and notorious murderer Ed Gein in The Ed Gein File: A Psycho’s Confession and Case Documents. As well as his latest book on sale, Borowski also has the latest documentary entitled Serial Killer Culture for sale, as well as streaming via   In fact, all of his films on serial killers are for sale and available to stream online. I remember the last time I saw Borowski’s films on the big screen and going to his screenings of H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer and Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation back in 2012. That really was the only way to get a chance to see his work, but now with video-on-demand websites and services popping up all over, so much content is out there to stream. Luckily, since I am an Amazon Prime member, I could stream his latest show Serial Killer Culture TV for free. The four 20+ minute episodes delve into the world of the culture of serial killers. What is the culture of serial killers one asks? Check out the show to find out! Below is the trailer, as well as John Borowski’s website which has all his books, dvds, and various serial killer-related items for sale.

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