VIDEO: Jan Broberg’s Guide To Thespians, Sociopaths & Scream Queens!

In a short video I feel is worth mentioning, Director/Actor Michael Lee Stever (SATURDAY NIGHTMARES: THE ULTIMATE HORROR EXPO OF ALL TIME!, RESURRECTING CARRIE) is at it again making short mini-docs on some smaller names in film and garnering some unique footage and angles to some horror-themed topics of interest. Granted, as of this post, I still have not seen the MANIAC (2012) remake starring Elijah Wood, Nora Amezeder, and Jan Broberg but am more intrigued to view the remake of the incredibly dark and disturbing William Lustig directed film starring Joe Spinell. Part of this reason is because Andre Aja is attached to the movie (he wrote the screenplay adaptation from C.A. Rosenberg and Joe Spinell) and after viewing Michael Lee Stever’s 23 minute mini-documentary of sorts, my interest has become a bit more peaked. Granted, it just may be because I do enjoy a majority of Elijah Wood’s body of work (particularly GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS and the LOTR films), but it also may be because of the backstory on actress Jan Broberg that Stever felt was a story worth learning about.

Jan Broberg is, to be quite honest, an actress whose face looks familiar but whose body of work I am wholly quite unfamiliar with. Although she had a small role in IRON MAN 3, I have not gotten around to watching the television series EVERWOOD and haven’t seen James Glickenhaus’ SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS, just a few projects that Broberg has been involved with. Now, after hearing her talk of a very real horrific childhood series of incidents in this very personal and real short documentary, I feel compelled to pick up her book, STOLEN INNOCENCE: THE JAN BROBERG STORY and read all about her life story, as well as watch her performance in MANIAC (2012).

The mini-doc was pretty well-edited, informative, and moved along at a nice brisk pace. A nice treat was a few moments with actor Elijah Wood at what looks to be the NYC Premiere of the film, as well as some footage of director Frank Khalfoun.

At the bottom of this post is the video for you to watch, as well some pics Mr. Stever was so kind enough to send to me to accompany this piece. Those of you should be warned there is a slight spoiler/very gory scene towards the end of this video taken from MANIAC, so be forewarned. I guess if one hasn’t seen the original MANIAC than this scene will be a complete surprise. It also is the scene that influenced my decision in wanting to see the film.




Director Michael Lee Stever and actress Jan Broberg










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